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5 Tips For Making Long-Distance Gifts Extra Special

5 Tips For Making Long-Distance Gifts Extra Special

June Neocleous, Assistant Manager at Gift and Wrap shares her top tips for helping your nearest and dearest celebrate a special occasion when you can’t be with them.

The entirety of the UK is on lockdown, which means we’re not supposed to leave our homes unless it’s absolutely necessary. But the world is still turning, and people will still have birthdays, babies will be born, people might even get engaged, or receive a promotion. There are still going to be life events worth celebrating, and you can still reach out to your nearest and dearest to let them know you’re thinking of them, even if you can’t be there in person.

To help you with your long-distancing gifting over the next few weeks or months, I’ve put together this little guide to still making your presents extra-special. Take these tips on board to ensure your friends and family remember the treats you sent them, long after the stay home order has been lifted.

Order early

While you might be used to ordering something online and receiving it the next day, many retailers and delivery services are very stretched at the moment. This means some deliveries are taking days — or even weeks — longer than they usually would. So, it’s important that you keep this in mind when you’re shopping for your loved one’s gifts.

It’s a good idea to order your presents well in advance. Even if your chosen retailer’s delivery times don’t seem to have been affected yet, this could change at any time. So, make your order early to avoid disappointment. It’s much better for someone to receive their gift before the big day, rather than afterward.

Choose a gift they can use right now

It’s unclear when the lockdown will be lifted, which means we could well be stuck at home for a few more weeks. So, think about what your loved one is likely to need right now. While they might be an adventure junkie who would love a gifted experience, or they’re a fashionista who you’d usually buy a trendy piece of clothing for, these types of presents aren’t going to be very useful right now.

Instead, consider whether you could send them a puzzle or game they could enjoy with their isolation buddies. Or, you could pick out a simple piece of jewellery they could wear every day to remind them that they’re loved. While you might have lots of lovely ideas, stick to those that the recipient can make the most of while they’re still at home.

Make your gift personal

You’ll want your friend or relative to know you’ve put plenty of thought into getting them the perfect gift. And, perhaps the easiest way to do this is by making it personal. For example, if you’re sending a jigsaw, you should ensure the picture on it reflects their interests. Or, if you decide to send them jewellery, you could pick out a necklace with an initial pendant, or a ring that has their birthstone set in it.

The more personal you make your present, the more special it will be.

Have it gift-wrapped

Unfortunately, while we’re all stuck at home, you won’t be able to wrap and hand-deliver your loved one’s present. But you can help to give them the whole present-opening experience by buying their present from a retailer that offers a professional gift-wrapping service. This is sure to make your gift all the more exciting and will help it stand out from those that might have just arrived in a standard cardboard box.

Add a special note

You’ll want to ensure that the recipient knows who their gift is from, and it’s likely you’ll also want to send them a sweet note to let them know you’re thinking about them. So, it’s a good idea to buy your loved ones present from a retailer that allows you to add a personal note. This will often come as part of a gift-wrapping service.

Congratulate your friend or relative on their special occasion and let them know you can’t wait to see them once this is all over. You could even set a date and time for a video call, so you can hear all about how they decided to celebrate at home.

This is certainly a very strange time in all our lives, but the world is still spinning and your nearest and dearest might be celebrating certain milestones over the coming weeks. So, help them to make the most of it by sending a gift, and make it extra special by following these tips.


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