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Why Everyone Should Visit Brighton at Least Once

Why Everyone Should Visit Brighton at Least Once

There’s nowhere in the UK quite like Brighton. This little seaside resort is easily reachable from London, which means a reliable stream of tourists make the trip down from the capital each weekend. Trains to Brighton run regularly from international airports like Gatwick, meaning that it’s easily reachable for those travelling to the UK from further afield.

But exactly what makes Brighton so special? Here, we’ll take a look.

Brighton Pavilion

This royal holiday home is unlike any other in the UK. It looks a little bit like an orthodox Russian church, with its distinctive onion-shaped domes. The building was commissioned in the late 18th century, and gradually built and expanded over the following decades. Queen Victoria, however, disliked Brighton, and the Pavilion ultimately passed from Royal ownership. Given its uniqueness, it should be considered a must-visit.

Photo by: Shirley810 on Pixabay

The Seafront

The south coast of England enjoys extended periods of fantastic sunshine during the summer – but even when the weather begins to cool down, there’s a lot to like about this stretch of seafront. If you’re looking to go surfing, then this is a fantastic place to do it.

Brighton Pride

The culture in Brighton is incredibly inclusive, and they make a point of throwing a fantastic Pride Festival every August to celebrate.

Photo by Clare Whiting on Unsplash

Sea Life Centre

Being right on the water, you would expect Brighton to have a decent aquarium – and so it proves. Brighton’s Sea Life Centre provides visitors with a close-up look of clownfish, seahorses, jellyfish, and just about every ocean-bound creature in between. You’ll save up to 30% if you book online, so make a point of planning your trip in advance.

The Lanes

Those in search of a unique shopping experience need look no further than the Lanes – a cluster of densely-packed streets where the city’s quirkier stores are to be found. You’ll find everything from bizarre decorations to vintage clothes here.

Photo by Benjamin Hollway on Unsplash

South Downs National Park

If you’re willing to take a short trip outside the city, you’ll quickly run into this national park, which extends right around the edges. From here, you’ll be able to clamber up a hill and take in the sea view from on-high, before returning to the city for a well-earned dinner.

Toy Museum

Brighton’s Toy Museum provides a place for visitors to get in touch with their inner child. If you’re taking children along with you, then there’s a lot to say for this little corner of the city. It’s packed into a series of Victorian cellars and provides a unique insight into the golden age of toymaking in Britain. Fans of toys will definitely want to make time to visit!


Top photo by Margaux Bellott on Unsplash