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Top Art Galleries To Visit in Brighton

Top Art Galleries To Visit in Brighton

Brighton is a town for creatives. It’s full of colour and imagination, so it’s no surprise that many flock here all the time. Art is everywhere here, including on the streets and in some pretty impressive galleries too.

But what are some of the top art galleries in Brighton? Well if you don’t know about them, it can be hard to get a sense of what they can offer and what makes them so impressive, so we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best ones to inspire your next visit.

IO Gallery

So, this is the first gallery on the list. What we’ve got here is a celebration of diversity. Art is, after all, a subject which has many different facets and many different styles, and so this establishment has chosen to focus on all of them instead of just a select handful.

This diversity translates into a selection of different exhibits and artistic mediums. It is easy to see why people would choose to visit here, as there is a different type of art to suit almost every need and preference.

Find out more about IO Gallery here.

ONCA Gallery

Something that you may know about art is that like most of the creative mediums; it’s a way to express the self. Consequently, a lot of contemporary art tends to have a political or social theme to it. And that’s precisely the kind of art which is predominantly on display here.

This gallery plays host to the creations of the progressive inhabitants of Brighton, so you’ll expect a lot of political leanings to be captured and appropriately explored inside various forms of art. If you can accept the sometimes radical perspectives which are put forward, then you’ll find there is a lot of creativity to appreciate here.

Get inspired at ONCA Gallery here.

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

Of course, it would be wrong to talk about art in Brighton and not mention the museum and art gallery. Together, they make up the core of the town and provide an accessible range of different artwork from a variety of both old and current artists. It’s one of the main focal points for culture and creativity in the entire area.

It’s free to enter for residents and a small fee for visitors. If you’re someone who hasn’t visited the area before we can heavily recommend that you do. There’s an emphasis on classic artwork here, and it’s heavily influenced by local history, so it’s an excellent place to visit.

Find out more about Brighton Museum and Art Gallery here

These are just a few of the different options which you have available to you when it comes to trying to access some of the best possible art galleries in Brighton. The creative medium is what the town is known for, and you can see that imagination and art permeates every element of the place. What we’ve often found is that when it comes to immersing yourself in culture in Brighton, the best course of action is to study all of the different shades of its art. Visit the alternative, the traditional and everything in-between: It helps you to try and put together a more comprehensive picture of how art in the city has evolved and grown.

If you’d more information on the arts and culture vibe in Brighton, be sure to check out Visit Brighton to plan your stay.


Image credits: Unsplash & Pixabay