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What Makes An Adventure Cruise Different?

What Makes An Adventure Cruise Different?

If you’ve always stuck to city breaks and beach holidays, you might not have any idea of the kind of experiences expected on an adventure cruise – the kinds that can never be found on a regular holiday! With loads of opportunities available to experience some truly unique destinations and exhilarating activities that you could never get from a normal holiday, Gavin Murray from Exclusive Expeditions shares some of the many reasons to ditch the traditional vacation and book an adventure holiday for your next trip away.

Pushing your limits

Adventure holidays of any kind aren’t for the faint-hearted, but they are perfect for anyone who would prefer to get up and go when they’re on holiday rather than lounging around by the pool. Expedition cruises add another level to this – whether sailing the Arctic circle to witness the spectacle of the aurora borealis or roaming the Borneo jungle, adventure cruises offer holidaymakers opportunities to push their limits and comfort zones in an entirely new environment, all alongside the luxury of a cruise ship. The nature of a cruise holiday means you can be introduced to a variety of different cultures all in one trip, whilst avoiding the hassle of finding accommodation in each location you visit!


Normal cruises have a standard fare of activities, from a range of sports and shows to various crafts and classes to try out. However, when it comes to experiencing local cultures and new activities, normal cruise holidays have nothing on what adventure cruises can offer! Think trekking through the Amazon rainforest, drifting down the narrow channels of the Chobe river alongside wild hippos and giraffes, or even scaling huge natural rock faces to experience some truly breathtaking views – these kinds of experiences are standard for expedition cruises, and there won’t be a queue or ticket booth in sight!


The huge sizes of some standard cruise liners mean you can go the whole trip without ever seeing the same person twice. It also means that when it comes to excursions, dinner or simply just boarding, you are just one of many people waiting for your turn – this can be tedious and time-consuming, and can leave you feeling somewhat claustrophobic. For those wanting a more intimate holiday without the heaving crowds and queues, adventure cruises often use smaller vessels which carry no more than fifty people – the perfect alternative for those looking for a more friendly getaway, as well as making the holiday feel like it’s been tailor-made just for you.


The majority of international ports and airports will direct tourists along a standard route to the nearest city or attraction. This is fine for anyone wanting to visit those locations but does mean that those wanting to venture further off the beaten track are often faced with a much more difficult journey featuring trains, buses, taxis or vehicle hire. In many cases, there are a lot of amazing destinations that are all but inaccessible to vehicles other than the smaller boats offered by expedition cruises. These vessels are about the only way that non-locals can visit such destinations, making it a much more unique holiday experience. They tend to steer away from the busy city centres and tourist hotspots, instead allowing you to explore the hidden treasures that other tourists won’t have even heard of!


There’s no other way to travel that guarantees you such a range of exciting experiences with such ease. Adventure cruises allow you to explore a wide variety of places and cultures – each with their own unique experiences on offer – with the simplicity and convenience of staying in one central, floating hub! There are no flights to catch, no waiting in lounges or allowing extra hours for all the extra travel, and pretty much everything is planned and organised for you. Adventure cruising really is the ultimate all-inclusive expedition experience!


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