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Cruises – The New Holiday Trend For Millennials?

Cruises – The New Holiday Trend For Millennials?

Cruise holidays are typically associated with older couples and singles looking for fuss-free travel all over the world, but could all that be about to change? More and more cruise holidays are being targeted at millennials, offering fun itineraries and facilities that are definitely not for mum and dad. Could a cruise be perfect for your next holiday? Let’s investigate.

What makes a cruise holiday special?

Think of a cruise as a mobile holiday resort. A cruise ship comes complete with swimming pools, lounge areas, gyms, restaurants and all of the other amenities you’d expect from a holiday. Add in some extras like cinemas and some onboard shopping, and you’ve got a luxury cruise holiday. Cruises are great because they allow you to explore multiple destinations in one holiday and are ideal for both short and long-haul adventures. For years, cruises have been seen as perfect holidays for families and older travellers. But that’s all changing with a rise in the number of under 45s opting for cruise holidays. With more and more cruises being aimed at the younger crowd, now is a great time to consider a cruise holiday.

Enjoy a slower pace of travel

Cruises are a wonderful way to get to your destination – avoiding the stress and anxiety that flying can cause as well as allowing you to benefit from luxury facilities en route. Excellent cruise holidays destinations include those from London to New York or journeys around the Mediterranean, which offer some exciting places to visit once you arrive at your destination. You could also opt for barge or river cruises in Europe such as this fantastic Jules Verne trip along the Haute-Seine. For many people, the destination isn’t even the bit they look forward to – it’s the facilities onboard that makes the trip so special.

Photo by Arvid Høidahl on Unsplash

With a cruise holiday, you avoid the pitfalls that can come with staying in a place for too long. Of course, you might feel the opposite and want to spend longer in a destination, but you can always return in the future. The ideal way to live the Instagram lifestyle, you can experience the joys of travelling without having to take months off work. You might only get a few hours in some destinations, but that’s enough to get a flavour of the city and experience the best bits.

Cruises for millennials

Cruise operators are cashing in on millennials as their new target market, with party and hipster cruises beginning to appear on travel websites. These cruises cater to younger markets and offer travellers the things that they crave. Rooftop bars and lounges, yoga studios and even street food-inspired dining could soon be commonplace as more and more young travellers venture into the exciting world of cruise travel.

Cruises have a lot of appeal, and for those who want to see everything in a short space of time, they tick a lot of boxes. As a fun and different way to get away with friends or your partner, a cruise might just be your next holiday adventure. Keep an eye out for fun and fashionable cruises pulling into a port near you.


Top photo by Ben O’Bro on Unsplash