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5 Tricks To Help Land Your Dream Job
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5 Tricks To Help Land Your Dream Job

Got your heart set on a specific career? Here are some ways in which you can secure that dream job that you’re looking for.

Get educated

Education may not be necessary for all jobs, but it’s often looked upon favourably by employers. For example, you can land a marketing job without a marketing degree, however, having this qualification behind you could put you at an advantage against applicants without any credential. It’s now easier to study than ever before thanks to distance learning courses that can be worked around your commitments. Student finance is open to most people, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the cost either. There are even free courses out there as found at sites like Future Learn.


A lot of employers also prefer applicants with experience. Getting this experience can feel like a catch-22 situation for many people, however, there is a way to get around this and that is to volunteer your services. Most employers are willing to take on volunteers that don’t have experience. This could then give you some experience to put on your CV to then pursue those paid roles. You could even impress the employer you’re volunteering for so much that they themselves may offer a paid role.


Networking can also help you when chasing a career. By knowing the right people, you may be able to open new doors into your dream career field – someone who already works in the field may be able to put a good word into their employer and get you hired. The best places to network include business events such as trade fairs and conferences, educational events such as seminars and social media sites such as LinkedIn.

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Get help from recruitment agencies

There’s no shame in seeking out help when looking for a specific job. A recruitment agency may be able to help you find vacancies you may not have otherwise stumbled across. You can look up many of these agencies such as Pure Staff Ltd online. Most agencies are free to sign up with, however, it is possible to pay some agencies for advice and possibly more hands-on help when it comes to finding vacancies.

Take up relevant interests

Employers like to see evidence of enthusiasm in their candidates. Taking up interests related to your dream job can show that it’s something you’re passionate about. For example, if you’ve always wanted to work in a zoo, it could be worth taking up animal-related interested such as volunteer work for animal charities, wildlife photography and possibly looking after a few pets of your own. Meanwhile, if you’ve always wanted to become a radio DJ, you could consider starting a podcast or helping out with a college radio station.