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Don’t Be Late – Fit It All In!
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Don’t Be Late – Fit It All In!

Fitting everything that you want to do into your life can feel impossible. When you want to reach for the stars with your career or travel the globe, you can start planning it all in your head and end up breathless because there just doesn’t seem like there is enough time to get it all done the way that you want to do it. Some people out there manage to cram everything that they want to do into their day and others, well, others struggle to get anything done by lunchtime. It’s a question of organisation and really, if you truly want something, you will make the time so that you can have it.

If you are working hard to manage your time, stop it right now. It’s not your time you need to manage, because you have enough hours in the day every single day – this never changes. So whether you want to fit in your evening study at university online alongside a full-time job with a family, you CAN do it, it’s just about managing the choices that you make not the time that you have. It’s a very different way of managing things because you could easily end up with nothing done, but if you are conscious about the choices that you make and steely in your resilience and willpower, you will never be managing your hours again.

Consider it this way: you have to choose to have all the things you want. Do you want to travel the world for six months in a year? You have to choose to manage your savings account so that you have six months of wages saved up to keep you covered while you travel. Do you want to start your own business? You have to choose to further your business education and learn everything that there is to learn about the business that you want to start. Fitting this in around your usual income and your family may mean a few months of burning the candle at both ends, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be done. Your whole life is about choices and it’s only you who can decide whether the choices you make are wasteful or productive of the time that you have.

When you have goals in your life, you have to choose to hit them. You can’t aim to travel around the globe, then splash your hard-earned savings on a new sofa for your house. You have to have your priorities in a row and make sure that you don’t deviate from those priorities. Fitting everything in life into your time is going to be about making realistic and smart choices. Everyone wants to have everything, it’s a matter of whether you have the grit and patience to go out there and grab it with both hands. Don’t count your minutes and your hours, just ask yourself whether you are spending the choices that you have wisely, or are you wasting the choices that you have and your time?