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Travel Tips: 5 Ways to Enjoy Home Comforts When Travelling

Travel Tips: 5 Ways to Enjoy Home Comforts When Travelling

Travelling is an amazing way to see the world and experience and immerse yourself in new cultures. But there is no place quite like home, and even if you have been looking forward to travelling, homesickness is a common feeling that many people experience. One of the ways you can make yourself feel better is to set up your trip so that you can enjoy some home comforts when you travel.

Let’s take a closer look at how to achieve the perfect balance of living in a new and exciting land while still feeling close to home.

Watch your TV favourites

When you want to kick back and relax, it can be very disconcerting to switch on the TV to a channel of programs in a language you really can’t understand. So, if you take a VPN router with you, you can keep watching television as if you were back home. For example, you can watch Sky Go in Spain, and you will be instantly transported back home because all of the programmes you enjoy will be right there waiting for you.

Perfect your playlist

Before you head off to the airport, perfect your playlist. Download your favourite tracks onto an iPod or your phone, and immerse yourself in your favourite music, any time you like. If you are in a strange place, silence can actually be quite daunting. Everywhere has its own strange sounds, from the refrigerator cycling or traffic passing by outside. But with a bit of music from your favourite playlists in the background, all of these things will seem a lot less distracting.

Inhale the scent of home

Scented candles and essential oils can be a great way to get your olfactory senses working to remind you of your home. Be careful with what you can and can’t pack in your luggage, and you can always head to the local shops to pick out your favourite smells. Essential oils come in pulse point roller balls that you can simply roll on your temples or inside your wrists and keep the reassuring smells from home close by when you’re feeling slightly down or insecure.

Take your loved ones

No, we don’t mean literally take your loved ones with you. But photographs can really be comforting when you are miles from home in a strange country. They are easy to carry in your luggage and can be dotted around the room easily with sticky tack or lower adhesive tape, although be careful not to damage to walls. No matter how many countries and continents you travel through, having your loved ones nearby in pictures can really help make you feel secure and less alone.

Cook your favourite meal

There is definitely something to be said for eating like a local when you are in a new country. It’s a really good experience to delve into local cuisine and enjoy the delicacies on offer. However, from time to time, your favourite meal might be just what you need to bring the comforts of home closer. Not only is the taste of your favourite meal warming and comforting but also the smell of bacon cooking or pasta sauce bubbling away can transport you back home.

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