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Top Accessories to Wear With a Suit

Top Accessories to Wear With a Suit

A suit is a timeless fashion statement which oozes confidence, charisma and professionalism. No matter how you wear it, you look good and feel like you can take on the world. But what do you wear with the modern-day battle armour of the respectable, well-to-do person? That’s right, it’s time for accessories, and there’s quite a few, but we shall be looking at the top five.

Pocket Squares

The first item on our list is the ever so fashionable pocket square. This sits in the pocket of your jacket and is a decorative piece that is sometimes purely for aesthetic purposes and sometimes is a handkerchief or something similar.

It’s always a good idea to have a pocket square, but you need to make sure that you’ve done it properly. There is a technique when one needs to fold a pocket square, and you should learn it to make it look perfect every time.


The next accessory on the list is perhaps the most well-known. A necktie is a core part of a suit, although there are other options, such as the bowtie.

A necktie will need to be appropriately chosen according to the type of suit it is paired with for maximum effect. Darker suits can be backdrops for brighter ties, and while it can match with the pocket square, this is not completely mandatory. Just make sure it doesn’t clash!

Dress Watches

The wristwatch has been, for the longest time, the hallmark of a professional. Pocket watches, while visually quite pleasing, are a more archaic touch in the modern world.

Your dress watch should be simple, elegant and refined. Most choose to go for a leather strap, and the watch itself is often quite an important statement. Make sure it is free of scratches on the face, and that the strap is still in pristine condition.


Tie Clip

A tie clip is a wonderful invention which really helps to bring together the idea of neatness. You wear a tie clip to make sure that both parts of your tie remain neat and in the correct place. Nothing screams untidy more than a tie which is not properly held in place.


Now we’ve all seen cufflinks from time to time, and they can be very dapper, but they must obey certain rules. The main rule being that they are only acceptable with French cuffs, which are a mainstay on modern shirts but are not guaranteed. Cufflinks come in a variety of different options, from both the basic and novelty selections, but one screams professionalism, and the other screams “I think I’m quite funny”.

So, in conclusion, these are the top five accessories for anyone who wishes to enhance the overall look and feel of their suit. There are two important rules to remember with accessories. First of all, the accessories do not make the suit, they complement what is already a refined product. Second of all, and perhaps most importantly, if you are going to wear things like these, they must be of good quality, or they will offset the entire image you want to cultivate.


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