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It’s All About the Details – 5 Subtle Accessories That’ll Enhance Your Style

It’s All About the Details – 5 Subtle Accessories That’ll Enhance Your Style

Whether you have a unique style or not, wearing the right accessories will bring out the best in your outfit. In 2023, the trends are beautifully blending into a mix that can be approached by anyone who is creative with matching their personalities and features with funky or minimalistic styles. 

If you don’t know where to start with accessorising, here are five staples that will upgrade your clothes. 


A wisely chosen belt can outline your body’s shape perfectly while also making your outfit flowier. If you don’t want to make mistakes, it’s best to purchase a simple and minimalistic-designed belt because it blends better in all outfits and gives you the final touch you need. At the same time, since 90’ and 00’ are back, you can look for unconventional but chick belts, such as braided or D-ring ones made of different materials. Chain belts are also trending at the moment, so you might want to give them a try. 


Wearing a watch gives you a classy look. People look at you and think you’re smart, organised and fun to be around, especially if you choose colourful designs with blue leather watch straps. What’s best about this accessory is you can make it your signature piece that is easy to be included in outfits, and it doesn’t get in your way. Besides the style contribution, watches are also convenient and provide functionality, so you won’t have to rely on your smartphone all the time. 

Everyday earrings

If you’re not fond of big or complex designs for earrings, you can try the everyday ones that are more lightweight and classier. Stud earrings are the best for completing your outfit, and many interesting models with either gold or diamond are the best choice for taking your appearance to another level. Choosing qualitative earrings will ensure you a forever luxurious look, and these sophisticated accessories really make your facial features look a certain way. 


The headband trend is back and reminds us of Blair Waldorf’s style. Today’s modern headbands come in varied designs made from different materials that will make your outfit more valuable. For example, if you’re into more straightforward attire, you can accessorise your hair with velvet, knotted or fur headbands. On the other hand, complex outfits are asking for leather designs, sports headbands and even silk ones. But don’t worry about not finding something you like because the market provides varied and exquisite headband styles. 


Although choosing a bag design only for uplifting your outfit may not be the best advice for functionality purposes, sometimes you need to elevate your fashion style. Fortunately, many designs have been introduced to fashion shows, from minuscule bags that are basically made only for completing the attire to immense bags that can hold all your belongings inside. The multitude of bags available will amaze you, which is why it’s best to have one simple black model of a handbag for any occasion. From that point, you can look at colourful bag designs of different sizes and shapes to mix and match your outfits. 

Bottom line 

This year’s trend is wearing simple yet powerful accessories. So, to elevate your outfits, wear watches, simple earrings, headbands and all sorts of bags. 


Images: Unsplash