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Fitness Trends Expected to Soar in 2020

Fitness Trends Expected to Soar in 2020

Entering a new year gives us a wave of energy and motivation to change our lives for the better — embarking on new, healthy changes to our routines. Although this sounds great, statistics show that around 80 per cent of us give up on our good intentions only six weeks into the New Year.

Humans have a natural curiosity, and if a fitness pursuit isn’t sparking up any excitement then we’ll be quick to look around for the next big thing — that or we give up! Sometimes it just takes a bit of a refresh to get back into the swing of things, so take a look at these 2020 fitness trends and get inspired to try something new.

HIIT in Yoga

When we think of yoga we think of a relaxing workout, however, this looks set to change in 2020 as enthusiasts look for more ways to reap the benefit from the activity. This hybrid activity combines the powerful movements of yoga with the high paced, bursts of training involved in a HIIT session — yet it remains a zen experience, simply geared up for more calorie burn. You’ll be put to your paces in a routine of punchy, all-over body movements, and the high-energy routines achieve the perfect fusion of utilising various muscle groups at the same time, as well as getting your heart rate up.

Biohacking your body

Although this might sound slightly scary, it’s certainly unlike traditional methods of exercising we’d normally do. Coined as ‘molecular wellness’, biohacking clinics are opening up all around the country, specialising in ozone therapy, carboxytherapy and bioanalysis. Biohacking can seem quite intense, but it puts your body to its limits by changing your physiology to some extent, usually achieved by experimenting with heat, pressure and science, to energize and enhance the body. The concept is intended to trigger a kind of evolution within the body, whether it’s through exposing your body to sub-zero pools while lifting weights and performing in a state of hypoxia (limited oxygen).

Being mindful when running

Let’s not forget about running, while it is one of the most accessible forms of exercise available, the benefits of it are often overlooked and for some, it can feel like a struggle. If you want to ignite a passion for running, then consider taking a more mindful approach, rather than pounding the pavements to no avail.

If you’re constantly competing with beating your own personal bests, then remove this from your mind before you run and commit to taking to the trail with a clear head. This is one of the key principles of mindful running, and from doing so you’re set to reap the benefits that the sport has in terms of your mental wellbeing. Your body releases a whole host of endorphins when you run, and studies have shown that they’re closely linked to improving mood levels. So, change up your attitude to running in 2020 and you could benefit a lot more from your weekly cardio session. Even if your fitness watch isn’t charged fully, check out the quickest way to power up to go running when it feels good for you.

Changing your running route can also be a great way to kickstart your motivation. Whether you venture further afield to the northeast coastline, enjoying refreshments after a long run at one of the traditional hotels in Seaham, or if you’re committed to running you could also try stopping off at one of the amazing Durham restaurants and set yourself a new goal of running in a new setting and approach running differently in 2020.

Pre and post-natal workouts

Having a baby this year? It’s an exciting time for new mums who are aiming to get fit/stay fit throughout their pregnancy. The workout app Fiit found that mums admitted they found a distinct lack of support for new mothers when it comes to sustaining an exercise routine. With the launch of Fiit Mum, they are pioneering the way forward for helping mums feel confident when exercising, both pre and post-baby. Jessica Ennis, British Olympian has launched her own app, which offers specialist pre and postnatal workouts, with exercises designed to suit each trimester and the post-birth stages. Post-exercise plans are included as well as dedicated approaches for pelvic floor conditioning and core stability.



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