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Top 5 Sparkly Shoes to Wear this New Year’s Eve

Top 5 Sparkly Shoes to Wear this New Year’s Eve

The year has flown by at an in-comprehendible and seemingly unfair speed and yet another festive season is upon us, bringing with it more sparkly Instagram posts than ever before – and yes, we are expected to out-do ourselves every year in terms of extravagant festive outfits. Ah, it’s a hard life trying to choose the best sequin-adorned accessories with which to wow your oldest friends at New Years – but really, it is a genuine minefield, so here at Pink Paradox we are here to help guide you through some of the very best sparkles with which to dress you toes for the biggest night of the year!

The Alexis Champagne Lace Glitter

sparkly shoes for new years eveWhere better to start than a shoe that has the name of the drink of New Year’s in the title. You can make this a talking point for the evening when you run out of catch-up chat with all those friends who you only manage to see on New Year – point at your toes and well, no words required: These glam stilettoes say it all with their classic pointed toe and 60s throw-back scalloped edge. A perfect pair to show off a new, sophisticated look. Match with a Bardot neckline for the ultimate in 60s classy glamour.

Kaylee Silver Glitter

These girly flats are a perfect option if you don’t want your first hours of 2017 to be wandering the streets barefoot, nursing blisters and carrying your gorgeous (but impossibly uncomfortable) stilettoes in a plastic bag. For all you girls who have to make appearances at more than one NY party – and would prefer to soak up the festive atmosphere and walk painlessly to each – then these are the shoes for you!

Yummy Navy Lace Glitter

The striking bad-boys are just the thing to pair with a chic little mini dress. As glittery and dark as the Winters’ sky they are the perfect solution for girls who will only ever be seen wearing black – or the darkest of midnight blue. The other great thing about the colour of these shoes, is that they would definitely not look out of place styled down with black skinnies and a biker jacket. Just remember, peep toes and tights are a definite fashion no-no, so you are going to have to be brave with these guys are bare those winter legs!

Tender Taupe

These are the most Cinderella shoes of all. If you are heading to a full-blown New Year’s Eve ball – then these are most certainly what you will want to be wearing. Classic, feminine, elegant, subtle, and yet somewhat glamorous, these Taupe beauties will look truly picturesque paired with a full-length ball-gown. The lower heel makes them a more comfortable option, but just make sure you take this into account when choosing your dress – you don’t want to be mopping up the champagne with your newest and more precious party dress. 

Yummy Pewter Sequins

sparkly shoes for new years eveLast, but not least – in fact, maybe the best of the lot (and my personal favorites) – the Yummy Pewter Sequin stiletto. This embellished shoe is pretty and feminine with a raw, metallic, industrial edge. The color is what makes it for me and it could not be more on trend this Winter. I will be wearing these with my all-season black, spaghetti strap, mini-dress, glitter-studded tights, and faux fur jacket this NY for the ultimate in seasonal glamour. I am a big fan of ‘more is more’ and when is there a better time to indulge this tendency then at New Year’s Eve!

Happy shopping folks! For more details on these wonderful shoes, and indeed for more choices, head over to the Pink Paradox London website.

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