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5 Must-Have Items for Your Home Renovation Project

5 Must-Have Items for Your Home Renovation Project

Taking on a home renovation project is very rewarding because it allows you to put your own stamp on your home and let your personality shine through. It can often add value to the property so that when you come to sell, you make your money back and then some. However, home renovations can also be quite a challenging experience. To help, here are five things you should really consider adding to your home whilst it’s undergoing a renovation.

1. Energy efficient lighting

There’s no better time than during a refurbishment project to make some changes here and there to ensure your property is as energy efficient as possible. One great option is to replace your light bulbs with dimmable LED downlights because they don’t have to be replaced very often, they use a limited amount of energy and they help you to control the ambience in the room.

2. New doors

If you’re looking for a quick way to make your home look more modern and clean, you could install new internal doors. You can buy them in a variety of colours, materials and sizes to suit your unique requirements. If you don’t want to completely replace your doors, you could just think about giving your old doors a fresh coat of paint.

3. Cabinet door knobs

Investing in a whole new cabinet or chest of drawers can be quite costly. Instead, it’s worth considering ways in which you can upcycle. New door knobs can make the furniture seem brand new and they take all of five minutes to install.

4. Ventilation

In rooms where there is excess moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, ventilation is massively important. Without it, the moisture could cause damp and mould growth, which can then lead to a whole host of nasty illnesses for inhabitants. All it takes is a wall or ceiling fan.

5. Double glazing

Double glazed windows are a fantastic investment because they prevent heat from escaping your home during winter. They also reduce noise pollution from outside.

It’s always important to be as prepared as possible for big renovation projects so that you don’t meet any unexpected bumps in the road. Good luck!


Image credit: Unsplash