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The Ultimate Guide To Staying Stylish While Travelling
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The Ultimate Guide To Staying Stylish While Travelling

Trying to stay stylish while travelling certainly isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many of us would love to look our best when travelling, but it can be a tough challenge. But let’s face it, when we look better, we feel better. We radiate confidence and, it can often make for a more enjoyable trip. Here are some ways you can stay stylish, even with the pressures of travel.

Practise Hairstyles Before Travelling

When you’re away from home and your daily routine, chances are you won’t always have your go-to hair-styling tools at hand. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to let your hair air-dry, which can be a nightmare for all kinds of hair types. However, with enough practice before you set off, you can nail your go-to travel hairstyles and avoid any and all hair-related disasters along the way. French braids, for example, are an easy go-to. Especially if you’ve just washed your hair, you can simply french braid it and leave it to dry. Once you take your hair out of the braids, you’ll be left with fabulous beachy waves. Easy!

Be Bold

The prospect of being bold with your style can be daunting, but it really shouldn’t be. It’s all too easy to dress for comfort over style when travelling, especially when travelling long-haul, but you certainly shouldn’t ever have to sacrifice style. If not much can be done in the way of clothing (after all, who really wants to travel in jeans and heels?) then try wearing a bold lipstick. It can really brighten up your whole look and give a splash of colour to your outfit.

Opt For Stylish, But Still Comfortable

As mentioned, you can still remain comfortable without having to sacrifice all elements of your personal style. All you have to do is think of the practicality of your outfits. Sneakers are a perfect go-to, as they are still considered on trend, but your feet will be thankful for them. As well, joggers are a growing trend, and they’re perfect for a tedious long-haul flight.

Ship Your Luggage

It’s certainly no secret that being stylish while travelling can be tricky, even at the best of times, and carrying around heavy baggage can totally cramp your style. Thankfully, booking with a luggage shipping company means you can travel luggage-free to your destination. It means you can set off to the airport with just your carry-on baggage in tow, whilst the rest of your bags can meet you upon arrival at your accommodation. It sounds like a lavish way to travel, but it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank, and you won’t even have to worry about paying out for excess baggage fees. Ultimately, it means you can pack more outfits, giving you plenty of options of what to wear throughout your trip. Who wouldn’t want that?

Written by Rebecca Martin, blog writer at