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The Interior Design Trends You Need To Pay Attention To In 2019
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The Interior Design Trends You Need To Pay Attention To In 2019

Statistics show that on average, Brits in London and the West Midland spend nearly £6,000 a year on redecorating, although those living in Scotland tend to spend less than £1,000 per year and are a lot more thrifty. Regardless of how much you spend on making your home nice, the fact is that you and every other tenant or homeowner likes to have nice surroundings. Something as simple as an organised space, mood lifting colours or more outdoor views can make all the difference to at-home contentedness.

The New Year is approaching and now is the perfect time to be working on your house, especially in the colder months when you spend the most time indoors.

Need a little inspiration to get your decor looking fantastic in the coming year? Then now is the time to pay attention to these key interior design trends for 2019.


Florals are on trend most years and 2019 is no different. Chintz is a heavy theme for fabrics and wallpaper next year.

Recycling & Eco-Decorating

Eco-living is likely to remain as a trend for the foreseeable future as the world awakens to the hard work needed to avoid environmental disaster in the future. Plastic is certainly the bad guy in all areas of life, including interior design. Did you know that in 2016 the world produced over 320 millions tons of plastic and that number is set to double by 2034? 2019 is the time to start being more eco-aware with your decor habits.

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Edged Jewel Tones

Geometric shapes in jewel tones with darker edging is an 80’s style feature will be seen in rugs, art and accessories galore next year.

Bold Backsplashes

Backsplashes that make a statement are a progression from geometric tiling and might be expressed with bold colours, or exciting patterns. You can see some incredible examples of bold backsplashes on Pinterest.

Four-Poster Beds

An unusual reflection on the kind of safety and security we seek as a global society in an uncertain world, four-poster beds are on trend next year.

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Bold Colours

Grey has ruled as the new ‘neutral’ in design for a couple of years now, and bold colours used in design are a rebellion against this that is part of the 2019 palette.

Feature Ceilings

Feature walls have long been a standard decor tool used to structure the look of a room, but now we look to the sky with feature ceilings instead. Moulding, strong colours or even feature lighting or windows could make your ceiling into a feature.

Dark, Sexy Bathrooms

Bathrooms are traditionally light and white but not in 2019. Black, sexy, opulent bathrooms with features like steel baths (such as these examples from Plus, designer tiling are totally in, creating a high-end feel echoing a luxury spa experience.

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Multi-functional Furniture

Flexibility in furniture that is also able to fit into small spaces is a reflection of modern lifestyles.

Boho Is Back

Boho was replaced by vintage but is now back, with a classy twist. Lots of layering and mixing of patterns still features, but everything is fresher, brighter and more considered.

Mixed Metal

Whilst over the years different metals have held the spotlight, in 2019 mixed metals are the material direction to use in a room. Two to three different metals that complement each other add interest and balance to a space.

Light Wood Flooring

Light wood flooring is coming back as we all seek more light, more airiness and more reflection in our homes.


Comfort is really important in 2019 decor whether you apply it to the ergonomics of your home office, or the cosiness of your reading nook. It has always been important, but future trends make it more of a priority.

Mostly White

Swedish minimalism has had a huge design influence in Europe over the last few years and has been a massive trend. It brings a mostly white palette which is fresh and bold and creates an incredible backdrop for any colours, patterns or textures you want to add.

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There is usually an era that has a primary influence during a new year of decor trends and the 70’s is the key era influence for 2019. Vintage accessories, bold mustards, wacky patterns: the 70’s has plenty to offer your home design plans next year.

If you love something, it will work – Bunny Williams.

As you peruse the incredible decor trends for 2019 and consider which bold colours you might include in your home, or which room might work well with a feature ceiling. Do remember that trends are an inspiration, not concrete rules.

Use trends as ideas and fresh ways of considering how your decor might work.

If you love certain colours or styles and combine them with the new trends you love, you’ll have a fresh and exciting look for 2019 that works well for your family, enhancing your living space both visually and practically all year round.