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Ways To Recreate The Iconic Style of The 1920s

Ways To Recreate The Iconic Style of The 1920s

The 1920s called and asked if you’re ready for some art deco gorgeousness. The art deco style is making a comeback, and is it any wonder when it’s the definition of class and elegance?

So if you’re ready to dive into the 1920s, from hairstyles to pearls then read on.


The 1920s iconic look is the bob hairstyle. However, you don’t have to chop all of your hair in order to get to the bob. You can create a faux bob. While it wasn’t entirely socially acceptable to have your hair cut short, many women pinned their hair into a specific Bob shape. There are a number of excellent YouTube tutorials for a faux bob.

You will also find finger curls made an appearance.

Bold accessories

Smooth triangular designs and clean lines made new and bold jewellery: bright colours and shapes, gold-coloured metals, fake pearls and more. Most art deco jewellery was embedded with gemstones and other precious stones. They were overstated and larger than life, adding a sparkly and colour to any outfit with ease. And during this time costume jewellery became increasingly popular. 

The ability to create plastics that replicated Amber and Jade that beautiful pieces could be made for much less.

Pearls and feathers were found in most headwear, necklaces, and rings. If you prefer a subtle nod to the 1920s, then a broach or some earrings is the way to go. 


While the shoes of the 1920s were beautiful heels, they were made for practicality. Because women really love to dance to Charleston and walk around town with friends and by the cells. So the shoes could not be too difficult to walk in, the heels chunky and typically you find a T-bar structure in the shoe to make sure it’s secure. 

The decorative details are used, the colour of leather, pearl embellishments or cutouts that left a design or a unique shape was most coveted. This meant that you can differentiate between designers during the 1920s.


Much like today makeup, this is very much about eyebrows and lips. Eyebrows were plucked until they were almost entirely gone, and then refilled with dark pencil. Dark red lipstick will be used to accentuate the cupid’s bow and a woman’s lips in general. Dark eyeliner around the entire eye was commonplace. Rosy lips and wide eyes were the order of the day.

Short hemlines 

During the art deco era, ladies began to show a little more leg. The short skirt was not an immediate trend, hemlines would typically go to about mid-calf, and a woman always wore stockings under their dresses. Modesty was a must.

Dark stockings were typically worn in the daytime, however during the evening stockings that were one shade darker than your skin tone were acceptable.

There is an individual vim and vigour to the 1920s, Flappers were looking to break with tradition as a norm of society and have shorter hemlines, bolder jewellery, and wore makeup even when it wasn’t considered the done thing.

Images: Unsplash