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I’m a Fashion Expert, Here’s How You Can Dress According To Your Personality

I’m a Fashion Expert, Here’s How You Can Dress According To Your Personality

It’s a beautiful thing when two worlds collide, and the same can be said for personal style and home interiors, as a fashion expert reveals how our personality and personal experiences transcend us from dresses to decor.  

Retailer House of Fraser has partnered with fashion psychologist Dr Dion Terrelonge to understand more about the intertwining worlds of fashion and home interiors and how they complement one another. 

Below, Dion delves into five ways your style can mesh with your personality to detail how who we are influences the style of our wardrobe and home. 

Image credit: House of Fraser 

Dion explains… 

Breaking new ground 

“We might expect those who are open to be willing to take risks, both in their dress and home decor. They might use their homes to display pieces relating to their travels or create spaces to sit and reflect. 

“They’re open to new experiences, are imaginative and intellectually curious, which impacts their dress style and homes. Think reading corners and eclectic or boho style, making their mark through floral maxi dresses and colourful smock dresses.”  

Functional simplicity

“These people are conscientious, are likely to prioritise function and are often goal-directed, controlled and self-disciplined. In terms of personal style, they likely have a simple, not overly outlandish style, such as a simple blue dress with pockets – a style that they feel works for them and works with their lifestyle. 

“Their homes serve to support their lifestyle and, as well as being functional, might portray graphic designs and streamline details – think Scandinavian or modern Japanese design.” 

Expressively outgoing

“Perhaps more extroverted, for people who are outgoing, their style will be loud, expressive and often sensorily stimulated by their environments. 

“Their homes and personal dress style are likely to be conversation starters and more so a means of communicating with others. Their homes may loudly speak to who they are, as might their clothing. 

“They also may be more willing to take risks in their dress and home décor and not afraid of wearing items that draw the attention of others; this may simply mean bold colours and prints such as a patterned pink dress but may also mean more avant-garde items, less mainstream trend-led styles, and not being afraid to step away from the crowd.” 

Image: Unsplash

Welcoming warmth 

“These people are likely to be agreeable, warm, empathetic, kind, and get along well with others, as well as being generally quite positive. 

“Their home is likely to be full of warm colours, inviting textures, and spaces that allow for loved ones to come together. 

“Their dress style is likely to be somewhat in line with that, preferring styles that are mainstream, safe, neutral and sometimes a little playful. Both home and clothing may include florals, animal prints, hygge style, and cottagecore.”

Soothing sanctuary

“These people may sometimes be less secure and sure of their personal style and will be less likely to take risks. 

“They may be more likely to use clothing and their home interiors as a means to soothe. Think calming colours in order to offset the unpredictability of the world and soft furnishings. An example may be wearing their favourite woolly jumper or a dress in their favourite colour.” 

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