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Ways To Maximise Style and Space in a Small Bedroom

Ways To Maximise Style and Space in a Small Bedroom

We all want more from our interiors, but when it comes to small bedrooms, how can you make it feel bigger if you’re facing the challenge of minimal floor space? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to maximise the area and the style of your small room. From clever storage hacks to buying a small double bed – check out these handy tips for maximising space and style.

Try a small double bed

Beds take up the most space in a bedroom, so opt for a smaller size if you want to minimise its impact. Small double beds are a great option due to their smaller footprint, plus you can get a stylish range of small double bedding options to fit your interior theme. From classic white to floral and unique prints, there’s a colour and design suited to this space. It’s also worth noting darker colours can make rooms feel smaller, so keep your duvet and pillows nice and light.

Use the height

Optimise the height, vertically as well as horizontally. High shelving can create a perfect way to tidy up a smaller space. Whether for books or baskets, using shelves higher on the walls or units that are taller than they are wider can help give your room a more spacious look. You can also utilise the space under the bed and keep it clean and tidy by using a storage-type bed with drawers or one that lifts like an ottoman.

Let it be light

Ensure that you don’t block the windows in any way. Letting as much light as possible is a great way to make a room look bigger. Placing a mirror on the opposite wall to the window can also help reflect light around the room. Be careful not to over drape fabrics around the windows. Either choose curtains and have tiebacks, or use a blind to make sure you are not blocking any of that valuable light.

Paint it white

White and neutral colours are the best way to create the optical illusion of space. That doesn’t mean you can’t add colour but use the colour as an accent and make sure it is bright and light. Avoid black or dark colours – try green, yellow, or other bright, citrusy colours. Patterns also draw the eye and create a feeling of space.

Minimal over clutter

The more clutter you have, the smaller space will seem. No matter how bright and cheery you decorate a small room, if you cram it full of stuff, it will feel much smaller. Try to maximise storage as much as possible to avoid leaving things around. A clear and tidy room opens it up and offers the illusion of more space.

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Move the bed

We’ve already talked about switching the bed to a small double bed. But another great trick for giving a sense of more space is to move the bed against a wall. Preferably not under the window, if possible, as you’ll be surprised how much bigger everything feels when you open up the floor space.

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