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Ways To Ensure Each Room in Your Home is Making The Most of Natural Light
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Ways To Ensure Each Room in Your Home is Making The Most of Natural Light

As we edge closer to the beginning of summer, it’s time to gear up for the reappearance of the sorely missed sunshine by preparing our homes and interiors for a change in weather, temperature and the addition of more natural light beaming into our homes.

But how can each room of a home utilise natural light and what decorating tips will emphasise the effect it has on the atmosphere of your property?

Tara Hall from Hillarys Blinds shares her top tips on getting the most of natural light in your home:

The magic of mirrors

As well as making a space look bigger, the addition of mirrors to any room will optimise natural light levels when placed in a specific area. Placing a mirror adjacent to any window will allow it to perfectly catch the light and bounce it through the room.

Similarly, furniture such as coffee tables, bookshelves and bedside tables with reflective glass or chrome decoration can also help to reflect any natural light in order to brighten up a room.

Consider your use of colour

Darker colours will absorb natural light. Opting for white, light grey or beige tones for the majority of your walls will help to ensure the brightening up of a room. You can then use feature walls, statement pieces of art or furnishings to add your desired pop of colour, enabling you to still make that room your own and give it a personal feel.

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Think outside the box with window dressings

As the main source of natural light into any room, the way you dress your windows will have a massive impact on light levels. Asides from the usual curtains and roller blinds, these days there is a huge range of more specialist products on the market that are designed to give you better control over light.

Shutters, Venetian blinds and vertical blinds have adjustable slats or louvres that can be tilted to let more light in, and voiles are a great modern alternative to nets that diffuse sunshine around a room and give a light, airy feel. If you’re after something much more unique, Enlight blinds and Day & Night blinds are a really innovative solution.

Take a look above

It can be surprising how much the ceiling of a room affects the way that light enters and circulates around the area. A room with dark wooden beams or ceilings painted a dark colour will absorb light and if not acting as a focal point of a room, should be avoided.

Recessed lighting fixtures that fit neatly inside of a ceiling can help to minimise the risk of eye-sores and will help to downplay any clutter in smaller spaces, allowing a free flow of natural light through the room.


Image credits: Unsplash