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The Beauty and Cost of Simple Styling
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The Beauty and Cost of Simple Styling

With the range of trends constantly flooding the market, the art of styling the basics sometimes gets lost in the ether. We’re not talking about the new basic trends inspired a certain rapper, we’re talking about those staple items that we often turn to for some comfortable and hassle-free style. Even retailer Missguided twigged that people love searching for everyday items and included the ‘jeans and a nice top’ search term in their main clothing categories.

With the influx of cheaper and fast fashion, it has never been easier to style your favourites on a budget but there are some drawbacks to choosing the cheap option.

The cost of cheaper materials

Many of today’s fast fashion retailers are selling clothing that is often lacking in quality and only lasts a season or two. Unless you are prepared to invest in quality clothing, cheaper staple items and wardrobe essentials will usually be made of thinner and lower quality material that might not last as long.

With this love of simple styling comes those key clothing pieces that you just can’t stop wearing. You love them so much that in fact, that you may begin to notice tiny holes in the fabric that you may in fact out down to too much wear but in fact, they could actually be caused by something different.

What causes those tiny holes in our favourite tees?

If you’ve ever noticed small holes near the waistband of your t-shirt or shirt, you may wonder what you caught your shirt on or may even mistake it for a burn hole but you can’t remember approaching anything hot. These tiny holes are in fact caused by the button on your jeans rubbing through the material when you lean against something. This wear and tear on your clothing might not appear immediately but if it does, there’s no need to throw out your favourite tops.

There is a solution that could end your tiny hole woes and it’s called Holé Button Covers. This small yet handy button cover pops right on top of a range of button sizes and cushions it to prevent it causing holes in your tops. They are super affordable too and give you the chance to make clothing last longer, which is great for your bank account.

Although cheaper clothing may not last as long, this innovative button cover offers a lasting solution to make choosing stylish staples easier.