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Interview | Fashionable Fitness Wear with Sara Da Silva
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Interview | Fashionable Fitness Wear with Sara Da Silva

So as you know, here at British Style Bloggers we love sharing amazing fashion brands and celebrating inspirational people.  One such person is the lovely Sara Da Silva, who has not only inspired people with her amazing fitness story but created gorgeous fitness wear to make you look and feel fabulous.  I was not only lucky enough to interview Sara on her new fitness venture but I got to try out some of her High Fashion fitness leggings which I can say are on trend and super comfortable.

Take a look at my interview with Sara and what makes her fitness creations so inspirational.

Sara give us a little insight into your background.

I am a proud Brazilian woman who now lives in the UK. Just 6 years ago I left my country to go on a life-changing mission when I moved to Ireland to study to learn the English language. I haven’t looked back since, I’m now creating my own leggings range that is setting the fitness world alight! I am 34, very determined and sharing the love of amazing leggings and feeling fantastic!

Why did you want to start your own brand?

I was so tired of the way that I looked and wanted desperately to make a change. But not something that was a few pounds, or a few sizes down…I wanted lasting and real change. So only 2 short years ago I decided to completely change my destiny and train to become a Athlete and complete in Bikini Competitions. I fulfilled my dream in 2013 when I won my first competition in Ireland, giving me the prestigious title of NIFMA, miss bikini/toned overall. What a moment!

Women would constantly ask me how I stayed dedicated to my goal, and what was some of my motivators to continually work out and be healthy. My answers would always be the same and became the leading force behind creating the Sara da Silva brand.  You have to be completely honest with yourself and how you look now. To become fit, it has to be a passion, a dedication to looking and feeling your best. This idea continued to come back to me every night. I would think to myself, how could I help these women reach their goals as I have reached mine. Then one day I realised that a funky and colourful outfit would definitely make their workout more fun and fashionable, that’s how Sara’s Fitness Wear was born.

I am dedicated to creating a fitness line that is funky and fun, yet made with the highest quality, in unique styles and patterns that make women feel amazing about how they look and push them to keep going.  When you wear my line I want all women to feel motivated. I want my clothing to be matched with fitness, determination, healthy living, and victory.

What have been your key inspirations for your designs and concepts?

A pair of leggings that will bring confidence and comfort… colours that can make you feel better. This is my inspiration and my passion.

What has been your most memorable success to date?

It has been in a long journey and sometimes it is hard to think about my brand without thinking about everything that I went through to get here. I have to answer looking at the past, looking where and how everything started. For me, preparing myself for a body competition after being overweight opened my eyes to the fact that everything is possible if you put your mind to it. So I would say the most memorable day was the day the I won my competition.

How would you describe your personal style?

I love to express who I’m in the way I dress. Colours are defo my thing… I love to get into a place and see that I’m the only one wearing a bright orange top (I know, it’s me!) and my clothing for sure matches my personality. People often make a comment on my clothing that come accompanied by a smile, and this, my friend, is priceless.

What is your hope for the future of your brand?

My goal is to be recognised as the producer of the best leggings that you can ever wear, with the best fit, and best style. For me, the sky is the limit … when I was small I would never imagine that one day I would even live in the UK and here I am. It will be the same for my brand – it was born in UK, but for sure it will be all around the world.

My thoughts on Sara Da Silva’s fitness wear

Fitness wear is becoming a on trend staple item in its own right and Sara’s leggings fit perfectly into the fashionable fitness wear market.  As a curvier lady myself, I love how these leggings make you feel and the sleek style and incredibly lightweight fabric is great for any type of fitness workout.

I’d just like to say a big thanks to Sara for showcasing her great fitness wear.  You can go and see her amazing leggings for yourself at

Words by: Natasha Henson