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Simple Hacks for a Safer Home
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Simple Hacks for a Safer Home

Everyone deserves to have at least one safe space where they can feel completely at ease come what may. For most of us, that is our home. However, many of our homes really aren’t as safe as we think they are and this is something that we should all be seeking to remedy.

Luckily, there are some simple home hacks you can make for a safer home. Here are some of the best:

Install CCTV

Installing CCTV (or even fake CCTV if you’re on a tight budget) is a great deterrent that will help to keep the thieves away, after all, why would they target a home with surveillance when there are plenty of sitting ducks without it? You know it makes sense.

Keep Mirrors Away from Alarms

If you have a burglar alarm, then don’t place a mirror anywhere that could reflect said alarm and show people looking at whether it is active or not. Go out and check if necessary.

Get Better Locks

If you have what appear to be cheap locks, have a reputable locksmith, like SJO Locksmith, come and access the quality of your locks. If they are found wanting, have them replaced with something better like a deadbolt lock that will help to keep you safe come what may. It’ll give you greater peace of mind for sure.

Remove any Noticeable Post

If you have a porch or even if your postman has the habit of leaving your letters half hanging out of the letterbox, be sure to pick up any and all mail you receive, even if it is junk mail. If let it pile up, it could look like you’re away on holiday and thieves could be tempted to strike.

Put Your Ladder Away

It might seem silly, but leaving a ladder out in the garden after you’ve been doing home improvements like cleaning the gutters or pruning your trees might prove to be too tempting for a burglar who will be able to use it to gain easy access to upstairs windows. Put it back in the shed, and lock it up!

Keep the Garden Tidy

While you’re cleaning the gutters or whatever, you should also get out the lawn mower and give the grass a good cutting down and do a bit of weeding too. Thieves love homes that look messy and unkempt because they are more likely to be unoccupied.

Have Neighbours Visit

If you’re on good terms with your neighbours and you’re leaving town for a little while, have them visit each day, not only so they can check everything is on order, but so that they can be seen and so that it looks like your home is being constantly occupied. This is particularly good if it’s snowing because the footprints too and from your house will really make it look like you’re around.

Save Your Bragging for Later

Speaking of holidays, don’t talk about them on social media until they’re over and done with and you can show off those pictures of you topping up your tan until your heart’s content.

Your home can be safer, and these hacks will really help. So, time to take action.