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Trending: Top Tips For Summer Layering
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Trending: Top Tips For Summer Layering

Layering. Interesting, sometimes ingenious, adaptable pieces, designed to be slipped under, or over – or both. Gone are the days when layering was a technique reserved only for the cooler months. With warmer weather comes lighter materials like linen, cotton and silk, all of which have different properties to their winter counterparts.

But how to put it all together?

Here, with the help of the Clarks Village style experts, we give you our top layering tips that will help give your clothes more mileage and keep you looking (and feeling) cool in the heat.

Statement piece

When in the process of planning your outfit, this should be the first garment you choose. It could be a dress, a skirt, a jumpsuit or playsuit. These are the pieces that will make a statement. Once it has been selected, make sure that the layers below and on top complement this layer.

Base layer

Your base layer is your staple piece and will look great under almost anything. It should be a comfortable fabric that you love next to your skin. Make sure it is cut closely to your body, so that it doesn’t add bulk when layering.

Co-ordinate your colours

If you are layering a printed dress, pick out one of the neutral colours for your base layer and outerwear, so that the colours in the dress is the main attraction. If you are layering a neutral garment, consider the same colour for the inner and outer layer so there is consistency in your look.

Remember that darker colours absorb heat, warming you up when you would rather be cooling down. For sunny days, opt for light colours to reflect as much of the heat as possible.

Layer sheer pieces over opaque ones

Layer lace, sheer chiffon or mesh over an opaque base layer. Not only is this look very on-trend for summer 2019, it will also add interest to your outfit while still allowing you to feel light and breezy.

Jack Wills

Lose the sleeves

A stylish sleeveless jacket or vest is the ideal outerwear piece to wear during transitional months. A sleeveless roll neck top will also look and feel fabulous under a loose-fitting playsuit.

All about the accessories

Layer accessories as well as clothes. A belt, necklaces, and a cross-body bag can add just as much interest as a shirt or jacket. Keep them matching to tie the whole look together. Bows are going to be big for summer 2019.

Focus on fabrics

A mix of texture is essential for layering. Choose three different fabrics such as denim, cotton and wool to create variety. Just be careful not to go too over the top, pick a few different fabric textures and weights and experiment with them.

With its supreme breathability and cooling properties, linen is the quintessential summer material. Linen clothing naturally wicks perspiration away from your body towards the air where it can evaporate.


Knitwear over dresses

Knitwear over a dress is the perfect combination for cooler evenings or the icy breeze coming from the office air con. For a dress that may have only been saved for the best occasions, wear a jumper and pair of trainers for a casual and super-cool look.

Slip on a kimono

Kimonos are lightweight and breathable, opt for a sheer style and you won’t even know you are wearing it. It’s the easiest way to take almost any outfit to festival-chic.


Image credits: Clarks Village & Unsplash