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Simple Swaps To Prepare Your Home For Summer

Simple Swaps To Prepare Your Home For Summer

June officially marks the beginning of summer, meaning warmer temperatures and lighter days are coming our way. Interiors expert at, Richard Petrie, shares his top swaps to make your home summer-ready.

Swap candles for flowers

Candles are perfect for cosy winter evenings but in summer nothing beats fresh flowers to add fragrance to your room. Plants like lavender work well in the bedroom with their calming qualities whilst bright blooms can add radiance to living rooms and kitchens.

Swap fleece for linen

Hopefully, we can put our hot water bottles and fleecy bedding away for a while as the nights warm up. It’s best to choose thinner textures like cotton or linen for your summer bedding, both of which are light and breathable and will keep you cool while you sleep.

Swap curtains for blinds

Unlike curtains, blinds can be easily adjusted to follow the course of the sun allowing you to control privacy without compromising natural light. There is a range of different blind styles and colours which can add character to any room, perfect for the summer days ahead.

Swap monochrome for pastels

Darker colours can absorb light so don’t be afraid to introduce pastel colours into your rooms this summer to warm and lift them. Pastels are easy to style and can give any room an airy and fresh feel.

Swap your dining table for your garden

Being outside can improve your mood and sunny summer evenings are the perfect time to sit in your outside space for a family barbecue or drinks with friends. Add fairy lights and comfy cushions to make your outdoor space more homely and inviting.

Swap heavy prints for mirrors

Along with adding decoration to a room, hanging a mirror opposite a window or glass door will also reflect any natural light into the space. This will be especially beneficial for smaller rooms, making them appear both brighter and bigger.

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