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Should You Invest In Trending Homeware Pieces?

Should You Invest In Trending Homeware Pieces?

Whether interior design is a full-time hobby of yours or something you’ve only recently developed an interest in, it can be exciting to follow the latest trends. They can inspire you to freshen up your house with some new, on-trend furnishings. But you may be wondering which items are worth an investment and which items will go out of fashion as quickly as they came in.

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What is fast homeware?

You’ve probably heard of fast fashion. Well, there’s also such a thing as “fast homeware”. This is due to the combined effects of two things: firstly, people spending a lot more time at home during and since the pandemic, and secondly, a generation who are largely renting properties due to high house prices and moving often as a result.

Microtrends come and go quickly, leading to impulse purchases that seem attractive at the time of purchase. However, lots of these items end their lives in the bin, and the CO2 emissions that go into the production, shipping, and disposal processes all add up.

Of course, it’s a great idea to buy affordable new things for your house. Before you buy, though, ask yourself if you’re likely to still want this item in several years. Also, ask yourself if you would like it just as much if it wasn’t on-trend.

Items to invest in

  1. Lighting

Good lighting is essential and can set the tone of a room. When it comes to the main fixtures that hang from your ceiling, you’ll want to be especially certain that the lighting you select won’t go out of fashion.

Styles inspired by minimalism and Scandinavian interior design never seem to go out of style. They can add a sleek, modern appearance to any room. There are lots of great hanging pendant lamps in this style. Lighting and lamp shades made from quality materials in tones that complement the rugs or walls are another timeless way to accentuate your interior design.

  1. Artwork

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A piece of artwork that complements your colour scheme immediately draws the eye upwards and rarely ages badly. You’re only likely to spend money on a piece of art you thoroughly like, meaning it’s less likely you will go off it a couple of years down the line.

  1. Natural materials

Furniture and decorations made of organic materials such as sturdy wood or stone tend to stay in good condition for longer. When paired with soft, organic materials such as linen and wool, your home will become warmer and more inviting. These types of materials also don’t follow ephemeral trends as much, making them the perfect choice if you want an aesthetic that stands the test of time.

Keep or bin?

Sometimes just having a good sort-out can be all you need to transform your space. If you free your space of clutter, you can enjoy enhanced productivity and better sleep.

Ask yourself the following questions to decide what items to keep and which ones to get rid of.

  • Does this serve a purpose?
  • Does it require regular maintenance, and can I keep up with it if so?
  • Is this likely to still fit in with my style in 5 years?

If in doubt, sleep on your ideas and make your decisions after you’ve thought it through!


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