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Recreate Bridgerton’s Regency Style Garden With These Simple Additions 

Recreate Bridgerton’s Regency Style Garden With These Simple Additions 

The 18th-century era is strongly influencing the look of our outdoor space, as searches for “Bridgerton garden” have increased by 325% in the past 3 months, ahead of the highly anticipated season three premiere.

To help recreate a garden that rivals the likes of Hatfield House and Basildon Park Estate this spring and summer, garden furniture experts share their top styling tips and products you can use at home.

Ali Wooldridge, co-founder of luxury garden furniture company, Gardenesque, comments on the regencycore trend, stating, “The trend is characterised by climbing flowers, folly’s, fringing, and intricately detailed water features that create peace and romance within a garden. Whilst it sounds complex, it is simple to replicate the Bridgerton style at home, even in the smallest of gardens, through a few additions.”

Terracotta pots

Look in any Bridgerton garden scene and you will see elaborate urns spilling over with lush green foliage and bright flowers. 

Ali advises to use both large and small terracotta pots to adhere to the regency style, saying, “Larger pots will create drama and can also frame certain areas of the garden, such as steps, doors and seating areas, for visual interest. Using terracotta pots with ornate detailing will lean even more so into the regency garden style.

Image: Gardenesque

Gazebos and canopies

Follys are featured throughout the season and are purely decorative within the show. However, Ali says that homeowners can use a gazebo or a canopy to recreate the look whilst also having a purpose for social areas and shade.

“A small pop-up gazebo or canopy will create a perfect social space for guests over the spring and summer months. Look for a cream or pinstripe patterned product with fringing to create romance. Avoid harsh colours or dark tones and keep to a pastel or neutral colour palette to in keep with the regency style.”

Metal dining sets

Intricate metal dining sets and decorative metal benches are featured throughout the show. They exude elegance and are also extremely weatherproof, making them low-maintenance too.

Ali recommends metal dining and seating that features rounded metal arms and ornate detailing to perfect the regency style used in the show.

Water features

Adding a water feature, such as a bird bath or fountain will instantly recreate the peace and tranquillity of a Bridgerton garden. This simple addition will instantly add a touch of elegance to your garden, according to Ali, and will also attract wildlife. 

“A two-tier water fountain is the most in keeping with the regency style and any fountain that features intricate petal embellishments on each tier are perfect for any garden party and will look spectacular within a courtyard.”

Image: Gardenesque


A regency-style garden is brimmed with blooming flowers, and a specific feature of a ‘Bridgertonesque’ garden or courtyard is its climbing flowers. Not only do they create visual interest, but they let off an intense aroma as you walk by, adding even more elegance to your garden.

Ali suggests using roses on your climbers for the ultimate regency style, and adds, “Place your climber within a corner of your garden to create a beautiful nook, or centralise it to make the climber and flowers the focal point of your garden.”

Photo by Jacob Thomas on Unsplash