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Tips For Hosting a Regency-Inspired Afternoon Tea

Tips For Hosting a Regency-Inspired Afternoon Tea

Bridgerton is finally back! Season 3 of the period romance is set to air on May 16th, which means a whole new season of love and gossip, Regency costumes, and copious amounts of tea. 

When Netflix aired the first season of Bridgerton, it quickly became an international sensation. Not only did it become the number one show on Netflix, but it topped the charts in 83 countries.

Everything about the show – from its diverse cast to its steamy love scenes – was praised by viewers, but it was the highly stylised element of the show that was really gripping. From glamorous gatherings in the ballroom to tea parties on the lawn, each event presented to us beautiful Regency Era clothing and décor.

The show also coincided with a rapidly rising interest in tea-drinking culture, with everything from high tea to a humble cuppa trending on Pinterest. If you’re looking for ways to pull off ‘cuppa time’ and recreate a Bridgerton lunch fit for Lady Whistledown, pottery brand Burleigh shares their tips for putting together the perfect Regency tea party.

How to arrange a Bridgerton-inspired tea party

No tea party is complete without a bold, eye-catching teapot, and while drinking tea out of mugs is acceptable, using teacups and saucers instead is the perfect way to pull off the British teatime trend. Also, laid on the table should be a few small milk jugs, enough teaspoons for each person to stir their cuppa, and a sugar bowl with either granulated sugar or sugar cubes so that each guest can customize their drink.

Depending on the types of tea you plan to serve, you could also consider garnishes such as lemon slices or other sliced fruits and berries, as well as edible flowers like rose petals or chamomile.

Regency theme

For a Bridgerton-inspired tea party, try looking for patterns and designs from the Regency period. Floral motifs were the order of the day in the 1800s, and at Burleigh, many of our patterns are directly inspired by fabrics and papers from the 19th century. Our Blue Arden and Blue Calico collections use bold blossom designs to achieve that intricate, feminine look.

The Orient was also a major influence on Regency style, which is encapsulated beautifully in our Asiatic Pheasants collection. But perhaps the best Burleigh collection for a Bridgerton lunch is Regal Peacock, which features a majestic print that combines both floral and Asiatic elements for tableware that is fit for a queen. Regal Peacock is available in both blue and black to suit your personal taste.

Tea drinking etiquette

Table manners are important in British tea drinking culture, especially when it comes to afternoon tea which, even today, can still be viewed as a very special affair. Laying the table is an important part of this: make sure you have all the correct components laid out in a way that is convenient for your guests, and ideally, they shouldn’t have to ask for anything — fresh napkins, cutlery, and side plates should all be within their reach.

Other points of etiquette to consider are that you should never drink a cup of tea with the spoon still in the cup. Slurping is not allowed, and saucers stay on the table when you lift your teacup to your lips. Perhaps most surprisingly of all, proper tea-time table manners mandate that you shouldn’t drink your cup of tea with your pinkie up. Rather than a classy gesture, holding your pinkie in the air can be considered a faux pas!

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