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Best Alternatives to Listing Your Home
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Best Alternatives to Listing Your Home

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When homeowners decide to sell their property, they often ask a real estate agent or company for help. Getting your home listed is not always as smooth and easy as it seems. While the agent will do some of the tasks for you, you still need to take care of many other things, like repairs, cleaning, and staging. Moreover, you need to pay the agent for professional service. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the house will sell fast. Listing your home is not the only way to sell or earn from it.

Here are other alternatives to consider:

Sell to a fast house buyer

As the term suggests, a fast house buyer can buy your house quickly in cash. Contact them to get an assessment and see how much they could offer. It may not be as high as the market value of your property, but since they cover everything, from inspections to repairs, the amount is almost the same as what you will get from listing your home after you take out all expenses. It’s hassle-free, and the process is quicker too.

Turn it into a transient home

If your property is somewhere that attracts many tourists the whole year round, you can turn it into a transient home that you can rent out to guests for a few days or weeks. Depersonalise the house by removing personal items like family pictures, as guests may not feel comfortable and at home if they see them. Keep it clean, and decorate it so it will be relaxing and cosy, bringing a positive experience to your guests. Some high-quality statement pieces will bring it to the next level. Examples are silk lamp shades with elegant designs. Place them in the bedroom and living room, and it will instantly give a luxurious vibe to the property, making the guests’ stay more memorable. They will choose your place again and recommend it to others.

Make it a rental property

If you don’t need a lot of money immediately, you may opt to rent your house instead of selling it. You will have a steady flow of income for the monthly rental. Ask for a deposit to ensure that you will be covered if the tenant leaves without telling you or can no longer pay for some reason. Also, prepare detailed lease terms and conditions, which include what tenants can and cannot do to the property and what expenses they would cover.

Offer as rent to own

Some people want to purchase their own home but aren’t able to due to various reasons like not having enough money to cover the down payment or not being eligible for a mortgage. It’s like a rental, but they have the chance to own the property at the end of the term. They will still make a down payment, and the remaining will be paid monthly or as agreed. The monthly rate may be higher than what you usually charge in a typical rental.

If you are looking for alternatives to sell your property or earn from it besides listing, consider the options above and see which would work best for you.


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