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Protect and Care For Your Hands With Palm+ UK

Protect and Care For Your Hands With Palm+ UK

Wearing a mask in public and washing your hands are two of the key themes for 2020. The global pandemic has seen a massive rise in sales of antibacterial hand gel, as it perfect for times when you don’t have access to wash your hands with soap and water. For Palm+ UK, their products were already popular, and they’ve now added to the range to the delight of both their new and existing customers. It is natural to want to keep your family safe at this time, so finding a product that you can trust and is also safe and cruelty-free is essential.

The Palm+ UK story – enter the Dragons

The team at Good Bubble developed Palm+. In 2015, they appeared on the top BBC2 show Dragons’ Den, pitching successfully to receive an input from Deborah Meaden for natural children’s toiletries. Keen to continue the ethos she works under, founder Amy Wordsworth said, “We promise you gentle yet effective products that you can trust, and that don’t cost the earth”.

Compared with other products on the market, their prices really are affordable and down to earth and the hand gels are available in several different combination ways that can save you even more. They have also been careful to maintain a family-run business, and every product is still carefully produced within their facility in Manchester.

Say goodbye to bacteria and germs

Of course, while the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a need to keep hands clean and sanitised, there are also other germs and bacteria to think about especially as winter draws near. This 60% alcohol gel can wipe-out the threat of many different nasties. From c-diff to threadworms, the antibacterial hand sanitiser gel from Palm+ can offer you effective protection from many these and many different germs, including norovirus. The smaller bottles are perfect for popping in handbags and pockets so you can take your protection with you wherever you go. At the same time, the larger style pump bottle is ideal for kitchen windowsills, school reception desks and many other locations.

Eco-friendly and gentle to skin

Palm+ antibacterial hand gel is also cruelty-free, vegan friendly and phthalate-free. The packaging is recycled, and all ingredients are allergen tested and do not contain any artificial colours. The gel is available as a fragrance-free offering or scented with a fresh fig scent. It makes a refreshing change from the harsh antiseptic smell typically found in high street products. The company have worked hard to create a product that is effective and yet gentle to the skin. It also does not contain any triclocarban, which is a potentially harmful ingredient that is used in some hand sanitisers, making them unsafe for pregnant women. This product can be used confidently by expectant mums and around babies and small children without any fear.

Palm+ has also been spotted on Mrs Hinch’s Instagram and is proving a popular choice to keep your hands clean and your skin healthy. Why not try it for yourself!


Images: Palm+