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Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide
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Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming, and it is fair to say it is going to be a much different experience than we are used to, given the current situation. However, online shopping means we can still source the perfect gifts for our friends and loved ones even if we can’t access the high street. Another important conversation that was taking hold before the world came to a halt was climate change and being friendly to the environment. Eco-friendly products make great gift ideas. So here are a few fantastic choices to get you started that you can purchase from the comfort of your sofa and still make your green contribution to the environment.

QBamboo is a fabulous online store whose ethos focuses on fair, ethical and neutral products. They have an amazing range of eco-friendly gifts for every occasion, so your shopping does not even need to be limited to Christmas. Check out some of the range of perfect presents, just to show how much you care.

Organic Reusable Tea Bag

Many people don’t realise that tea bags are actually often made of plastic and are non-compostable. However, this gorgeous little organic, unbleached cotton string bag is perfect for loose tea and can easily be rinsed and washed without the need for plastic to be involved.

Recycled Dung and Tea Paper Notebooks

Perfect for the student in your life, or anyone who likes to take notes. This may sound a little strange, but this incredible mix of tea leaves, cow dung and elephant dung solve the problem of getting rid of all three waste products and gives you a unique stunning notebook that oozes eco-friendly living.

Two Bath Bomb Fizzer by Agnes+Cat

Not only are these bath bombs good for the environment, but they are perfect for the skin as well. With added coconut butter, these amazing bath fizzers will give you a luxurious bath filled with dazzling aroma. Plus, all the ingredients are vegan and come from sustainable sources.

Recycled coffee cups

Another big problem we face is disposing of plastic and paper cups every time we are out and about and want to get a coffee or a drink. All major high street coffee shops now understand that eco-friendly customers will want to bring their own cup and they will happily add your drink to it. A recycled, reusable plastic coffee cup made from bamboo or recycled metals make the perfect gift for many different people in your life. There are so many choices you can find something to match their personality.

Skincare and beauty gifts

Instead of heading to the high-street and picking out those 3 for 2 offers on smellies, why not opt for some eco-friendly gifts instead. There’s everything from scented natural lips balms and soap on a rope, to fresh clay masks and shaving gift sets. These are the ideal gifts for both men and women who love a little pamper session.

There are tons of other fantastic products to try out too, so check out the website for more ideas.


Images credit: QBamboo