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How To Furnish A Conservatory

How To Furnish A Conservatory

If you’re making plans to furnish your conservatory, you’ve got a hugely enjoyable task ahead of you. The conservatory is the room closest to your outside space which is an excellent way of welcoming light and air into your life, especially during the darker winter months.

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When it comes to selecting the furniture and lighting for your conservatory, there’s a lot of choices out there. So, JB Furniture recommends your first job should be to decide how you’ll use this wonderful space. This will help you not only focus on the right kind of furniture and lighting but also the materials and textures to achieve your desired effect. Don’t forget: your outside space is also likely to be a fabulous source of inspiration for creating exactly the right mood and style with your furnishings.

A conservatory is a unique space in many ways. Neither inside nor outside, it gives you ‘permission’ to create an exclusive space in terms of look, feel and function.

Let’s get to work on some ideas!

What role will your conservatory play in your life?

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Start with where your conservatory is located in relation to the rest of your house. Is it close to the kitchen, or an outside patio area? If so, it’ll be a really convenient room for both casual family meals and entertaining on a large (and grander) scale. You can eat in the conservatory, or use it as your buffet bar for people to serve themselves. Your furniture focus is going to be a dining set, formal or relaxed in tone.

Of course, a really popular use for the conservatory is known as Flop Down, Relax and Contemplate. This kind of conservatory calls for a completely different vibe from your official living room. Maybe it’s even a ‘tech-free’ area? Think big, comfy sofa and chairs with coffee and side tables for lamps, snacks and resting feet…

Alternatively, does the light and quiet make your conservatory an ideal place for a studio or home office? Could your conservatory be multifunctional: office by day, chill out room at night?

Whatever you lean towards, your decision will influence your furniture needs. Quite simply sofa or table and chairs.

Is your style contemporary or traditional?

The lighter and more natural your furnishing, the better because this is an inside room that welcomes the outside with open arms. Scandi and minimalist are popular themes, both of which allow you to keep it uncluttered while creating a sense of welcoming splendour.

Rattan has long been a popular choice in the sense that this natural material reflects the light, airy feel of the outside so perfectly. For this reason, it remains totally on-trend as furniture for relaxing and entertaining. It’s important to go for materials that will withstand the level of light that your conservatory is going to attract – ‘UV-resistant’ is the key phrase. Synthetic rattan is a really good choice because it looks stunning and, thanks to its durability, it’s OK to keep outside.

Caption: For a truly modern look, choose a combination of contemporary weave chairs paired with a simple, yet stunning, table.

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Lights and lanterns

We recommend that you spend as much time choosing your lighting as you do your furniture. From storm lanterns and fairy lights to traditional tabletop and freestanding lamps, your choice is wide. It’s important to be alert to mood because, although being able to see is your main objective, lighting also creates ambience. It helps to complete an elegant yet chilled atmosphere that, ideally, ‘complements’ the sky at night. Go for glass or light-coloured materials, especially if you favour chunky, statement pieces.

Accessories to pull it all together

And so to accessories and adding the finishing touches to your conservatory. Accessories help you strengthen a theme through colour and texture. Your blinds, cushions, throws and rugs can all pick up on your chosen palette of colours so the look is both casual and well put together.

Eye-catching art and mirrors are important additions, particularly in metals or wood. Then, take a look at the new artificial plants and flowers that are now widely available. A very low-maintenance (eg occasional dusting!) and exceptionally realistic way of introducing a natural touch to your conservatory.

Enjoy planning then using your conservatory – we hope it brings you many hours of fun and relaxation.