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Making the Most out of a Smaller Home

Making the Most out of a Smaller Home

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Space is one of the most valuable things in our homes. There are some people that are fortunate enough to have large houses with plenty of space to do whatever they want with, while others have to put up with small living areas, tiny apartments and barely having space to indulge in their hobbies. To make things worse, some of us have to deal with small living spaces because we simply can’t afford to buy a new home or move out, and the problems are multiplied when you consider having children.

However, living in a smaller house or apartment is completely doable provided you plan ahead. Whether you’re thinking of starting a family or want more space to experiment with your hobbies, there are ways to get more space out of your property without needing to move out. To give you a hand, here are some useful tips that’ll help you make the most out of a smaller home.

Space-saving furniture

There are plenty of furniture pieces you can buy that are specifically made to look fantastic, be affordable, and most importantly, save space. For example, you can buy nested coffee tables that fit within each other. This gives you a main coffee table and then several smaller ones to use as corner tables or a variety of other things. If you have multiple children or plan to grow your family, then consider getting Cuckooland bunkbeds instead of single beds. Not only do bunkbeds save space, they also add a bit of fun to bedtime.

Decluttering the home

Most of us don’t realise that our homes are cluttered to the brim. We leave boxes around, we have useless pieces of furniture that gather dust, and we have far too much storage space. Take a good look at your storage and ask yourself if you really need all of that space. You probably don’t need nearly as much storage as you think you do because most of it is probably junk or silly memorabilia that you haven’t thrown out yet.

Here’s a unique tip on decluttering when you think you have too much stuff. Instead of holding onto junk items that you feel sentimental about, take a high-resolution photograph of them (a modern smartphone will do) and upload it to the cloud to preserve it forever. That way you can sell or throw away the item you feel sentimental about, and you have an easier way to bring back the memories because you can simply view the pictures instead of digging through all of your storage boxes to find it. Decluttering can also lead to treasure finds that sell for a considerable amount of money. These can be antiques or ancient electronics that have turned into collector’s items.

Stay organised

In addition to decluttering the home, you also need to stay organised. Utilising wall space for shelving is one of the most effective home upgrades that you’ll ever invest in. Not only are empty walls a little boring, they’re also perfectly good spaces that can be converted into storage. This allows you to stay more organised with your belongings and allows you to declutter more of your floor space to make your home feel more open and larger than it is.