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Lockdown Trends that Actually Benefit our Wellbeing

Lockdown Trends that Actually Benefit our Wellbeing

As we navigate through another lockdown, it’s important to keep focus on our mental health and wellbeing. Some of the trends which emerged during 2020, from baking banana bread to attempting a fitness routine in our front rooms, can actually be highly beneficial for promoting wellbeing. Here, wellness retailer, Pure Skin Lab, have identified some of the top trends we need to keep in our repertoire this year.


Daily walks outside can help give a sense of freedom during a time when we’re greatly restricted. Exercise releases endorphins, which trigger positive emotions, a fast-paced walk can be fantastic for boosting wellbeing and encouraging positivity.

During the first lockdown, Google searches for ‘walks near me’ increased by 35% compared to the previous year as many people found a new love in exploring the outdoors and the environment around them.

TOP TIP: Try introducing a daily walk into your routine, by either getting up a little earlier or taking your lunch break outside. Getting some fresh air can do wonders for your wellbeing.


Yes, making banana bread is actually good for you! Baking is a meditative activity as it requires full attention, allowing the brain to switch off from external thoughts and worries.

This trend dominated lockdown 2020, with the term ‘banana bread’ seeing a 619% search increase in April compared to the previous year and ‘baking ideas’ increasing by 390% too.

TOP TIP: Experiment with baking different healthy snacks, such as this delicious peach crisp recipe, so you don’t get tired of just one recipe. Engaging the senses with different smells and sounds through cooking and baking can also be fantastic for boosting mood and providing a fun distraction.


Lockdown saw a surge in interest surrounding skincare as make-up routines started to take a backseat. In fact, searches for how to do a spa-like facial at home saw a huge 197% search volume increase in April 2020 versus 2019, affirming that self-care was a trend not to be ignored.

Routines are crucial to a healthy mind, and something as small as implementing a skincare routine can bring normality and balance.

TOP TIP: Choose skincare products which are kind to your skin and the environment. This will help make sure that you’re looking after yourself whilst promoting eco-friendly behaviour.


With commutes to work out the window, many people have been able to achieve a better life-work balance, and yoga quickly became a popular activity during the first lockdown. Google searches for online yoga classes increased by a huge 773% in April 2020 from the previous year.

Yoga is known for its wealth of wellbeing benefits, from reducing stress levels to improving strength and balance. It enables us to slow down our thoughts and engages the whole body, promoting both mental and physical strength.

TOP TIP: Yoga is a focused activity, and some poses can be difficult to navigate into, especially as a beginner. Try an online class with some easy guided moves, so you can enjoy with the reassurance you’re doing the positions safely.


2020 was certainly the year of DIY, with Google searches up 239%! With much more time on our hands and many services unavailable due to lockdown restrictions, we exercised our craft and creativity, leading to some great outcomes.

Focusing attention on non-screen related activities such as DIY tasks can be great for boosting wellbeing and increasing focus.

TOP TIP: Listen to a great playlist whilst DIYing for motivation. Music can make the activity even more enjoyable, especially if it takes more than a few hours! 

These top lockdown trends from 2020, should definitely be here to stay! With huge benefits to wellbeing and mood, it’s important to take time out and do something you enjoy.


Images: Unsplash