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How To Choose The Right Parlour For Your Next Stylish Tattoo

How To Choose The Right Parlour For Your Next Stylish Tattoo

Tattoos are a hugely popular form of body decoration these days and a crucial aspect of many people’s style. Unfortunately, a poorly crafted, or designed tattoo can ruin your carefully crafted look. That is why you must choose the right parlour for your next tattoo. The good news is you can read about the most vital factors to consider when choosing where to get your next tattoo. Read on to find out what they are. 

Do look for a parlour that has an excellent reputation 

Quality is crucial when choosing a parlour for your next tattoo. To that end, checking around online and by word of mouth to find a place with a great reputation not only for their artwork but for hygiene and using high-quality equipment and supplies is essential. 

For example, if you choose a parlour that uses first-rate tattoo inks you can ensure that your tattoo line work will look sharp and clean. Parlours that choose high-quality inks also tend to create tattoos that last for longer as well, which means fewer touch-ups of your skin art over the long run. 

Don’t even allow someone to tattoo you at their home 

A major red flag for anyone offering tattoos is doing them at home. Tattooing is a permanent procedure that involves piercing the upper layer of the skin, and so without the right tools and training, there is a lot that could go wrong. That is why you should always find a registered and hygienic business in which you have your done. After all, anyone can get a tattoo machine from Amazon but not everyone can complete a detailed, stylish tattoo safely. 

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

Do find an experienced professional whose work you love 

Style and design are such a major part of making sure you love the end product of your tattoo. That is why you must find an artist whose work you love. Remember there are many staples from illustrative to traditional American, to geometric, to traditional Japanese, and most artists specialise in one or two at the most types of styles, so take the extra time to find one you love. 

Don’t put up poor customer service

Sometimes in the tattoo world, you can find a tattoo shop that offers great designs but isn’t so great on the customer service side of things. This is a red flag as no matter how immersed in the subculture they are, such a shop should always treat clients well and put them at ease. Never put up with brusk artists, or a bad atmosphere just because you want a specific artist to work on you. 

Do look for a parlour that offers thorough education on aftercare 

Last of all, a tattoo is a permanent thing and that means you need to take great care of it once you leave the parlour. To that end, the best shops will always go through the aftercare you’ll need to do, and what to watch out for in case of any problems. 

Top image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash