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Interior Trends & Upcycle Tricks For Transforming Your Home

Interior Trends & Upcycle Tricks For Transforming Your Home

Having spent probably more time at home than ever over the past year, focusing on creating the perfect retreat from the outside world has become a mission for many.

We asked Interior Designer, Upcycle Queen and Co-Founder of La Di Da Interiors, Steph Briggs, to share a few of her favourite trends, tips and upcycle tricks in your home.

Colour pops

‘Greige’ (Yes, this is actually an interior design term) plays on how grey became the new beige in 2020. Grey on grey interiors leads the way in calming hues and an ‘easy to pull’ together scheme. Pantone took the unusual step of naming two colours as their shades of the year: ‘Ultimate Grey’ (a pale grey) and ‘Illuminating’, a zingy yellow. This pairing means that it’s easy to update your 2020 ‘greige‘ interior with a pop of 2021 lemon yellow. Transport yourself to warmer climes by using this happy, sunny colour which breathes new life into any grey scheme.

This trend for adding a bold, vibrant colour to a neutral backdrop is also growing in home accessories and is an easy and cost-effective way to update your home without huge expense or effort. If you can’t find the exact colour match or if you’re like me and passionate about upcycling, paint a lamp base or vase a beautiful primary colour. Giving impact and setting the mood of a room whilst turning something rather ordinary into a truly unique statement piece.

Here are my tips for upcycling a lamp base:

  1. Remove the bulb and shade and tape off the cable with some masking tape.
  2. Use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (a 120ml tester pot will be plenty for a lamp base) in a vibrant colour such as Napoleonic Blue or English Yellow and apply two coats with a brush allowing it to dry in between. Chalk Paint will adhere to most surfaces, including ceramic, glass, leather and marble.
  3. It will dry to a chalky matt finish. You can use an artists brush to add detail and pattern in a contrasting colour if you wish
  4. Seal the surface using Annie Sloan Lacquer which is available in a matt or gloss finish. Paint it in thin coats
  5. Once it’s dry, reassemble your statement lamp, pause and admire.

Earthy tones

Inspired by nature, earthy tones are on their way up in trend forecasting. Warm browns, camel, yellow ochre, soft greens, burnt orange and tan blend perfectly to make a warm and inviting interior. The best way to achieve this look is to incorporate natural materials such as terracotta, wicker, jute, leather and wood. This look is such a calming and reassuring palette.

If your current interior design style is more bright white and modern, it doesn’t mean that an earth-toned scheme is out of your budget. Remember; Reuse, repurpose and upcycle. You can paint your furniture to change the colour. You can dye white curtains to add a significant impact to the room. By adding a few essential accessories such as a straw woven basket or large woven rug, you can easily change the aesthetic economically and create your earth-inspired interior.

Textural comfort

You’ve probably gathered the hottest interior trend right now for your home is comfort. Tactile layers of texture are a brilliant way of making your home super comfy and comforting. Introduce different textures and materials in similar colours to add personality and character to a room without overwhelming with lots of colours.

The key to getting this look right is mixing up the fabrics and keeping the colours restricted to make sure it looks considered and purposeful and not randomly thrown together.

Layer up comforting cushions, add knitted throws, cotton blankets and faux furs to make it feel instantly inviting. Be inspired to make your own unique bespoke cushions, using fabrics you may have already; Preloved cashmere jumpers, retro print tea-towels and even curtains picked up from a charity shop can be made into stunning soft furnishings to add to your sofa.


Images: Unsplash