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Interview | Annie Sloan
annie sloan

Interview | Annie Sloan

Here at the British Style Society we love sharing our insights to the creative industry incorporating all aspects of design. Recently Editor Natasha had the pleasure to talk to one of the world’s most respected paint and colour experts Annie Sloan, on her background, inspirations and insights into the industry.

As one of the world’s most respected experts in the field of decorative painting, Annie Sloan is often deservedly given the title of “a paint legend”. Annie has been largely instrumental in the painted furniture revolution through her easy to approach, lively and creative attitude to painting.

Annie, please give us a little insight into your creative background.

I went to art school for seven years and studied Fine Art at Reading University, I also came from an arty family.

Who was your influence when you discovered your love of art? 

My father was a big influence from very early on. As I was growing up as a child I always thought of myself as an artist of some sort.  Gauguin and his incredible use of colour has always been an influence of mine. His work taught me to never be afraid of colour.

What have been your key inspirations for your creations and concepts?

I have always wanted to create products for a wide audience. I recently did an event in London where people were given the opportunity to paint all sorts of objects and toys found in the home with my Chalk Paint, it was amazing to see so many people of different ages using my paint.  

Describe your ideal environment to create art.

My ideal space is alone in my studio with absolutely no one else around. I often come to work at the weekend when no one is there to distract me. I have the radio playing (Radio 4) or I listen to podcasts (Private Passions on Radio 3).

Are there enough opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their work and enter this competitive industry?

Nowadays more than ever, there are plenty of ways for designers to showcase their work. I have discovered so many talented people on Instagram which is just phenomenal. Some artists such as Ai Weiwei do a fantastic job of showcasing their talents through this medium.    

What has been your most memorable success to date?

I feel so fortunate to grown a company that my family can be part of. I started off on my own writing books and it just grew from there. 

Who is your ideal customer? 

Someone who isn’t afraid of colour. When I ran my shop some of my customers grew to become good friends. I love customers who get inspired and get involved.

What are the key images you want to portray when people see or hear your brand name?

I want people to think classical but always contemporary, great colour combinations and design.

Do you have any advice for artists entering this industry?

Always trust your gut and make sure you take inspiration from everywhere. Determination is essential and don’t borrow any money from banks!!

Do you recommend any key resources for budding artists?

I tend to look at things all the time, through a variety of blogs, books and online media. It’s like a rabbit hole, I tend to explore as I don’t like to look at one thing. This being said when I am trying to design something I try not to look at anything, I want the inspiration to come from within.

What is your hope for the future of the brand?

I want to the brand to be something that my grandchildren’s grandchildren can be a part of – a traditional company, keeping with the times and maybe even a little whacky!!

We’d like to thank Annie for taking the time to offer a snippet into her creative processes and helpful tips for budding creatives.