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How to Re-Connect With Your Creativity
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How to Re-Connect With Your Creativity

With so much change happening in the world recently, many people have taken the opportunity to re-evaluate their lives and consider which aspects they would like to change. For some, this has led to a desire to leave behind the corporate world and begin to carve out a whole new career on their own terms. Swapping the pressures of life in the office for a role that engages creativity is a popular choice. Being creative is such a vital part of being human and is beneficial in so many ways.

Thinking creatively is essential for problem-solving, and being creative brings joy and a level of escapism to life which is often missing since childhood. Being creative also helps to decrease stress levels and allows you the freedom to express yourself.

While there are so many benefits of being creative, you may struggle to re-connect with your creative side and allow that part of yourself the freedom to come alive. If you are hoping to get back in touch with your creativity but are struggling to know where to begin, why not give some of these activities a try?


If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to bring joy into your life, it is dancing. Learning to dance provides the perfect balance of being physically active while focusing on mastering new steps and expressing yourself. Learning to ballet dance is an excellent choice to help you combine focusing on a new skill while at the same time, embracing your creativity. 


Reading is the perfect way to escape to a whole new world and let your imagination take centre stage. Reading for pleasure is something that many people struggle to find time for, but it is well worth setting aside a little time each day to allow yourself a slice of escapism while you immerse yourself in a good book. Of course, reading doesn’t have to be fiction; reading inspirational stories about other creatives is an excellent way to experience other people’s creative journeys.


Allowing yourself the freedom to write whatever comes into your mind is an excellent way to release your thoughts in streams of consciousness. In Julia Cameron’s popular book, The Artist’s Way, she recommends morning pages as a daily practice to recover your creativity. The basic concept of morning pages is to write out three pages of longhand writing when you wake up each morning. Why not give it a try and see if it works for you?

Be inspired

Awakening your creativity is an ongoing process, and if you find at any point that you are struggling, then you may find it helpful to engage all of your senses as part of the process. There are many ways that you could do this, such as visiting a new exhibition, wandering around an art gallery, or booking tickets and taking a trip to the theatre to see a brand new production. Each of these are excellent ways to immerse yourself in new and exciting creative experiences.

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