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4 Surprising Benefits of Honey

4 Surprising Benefits of Honey

You may have just thought about honey as something you put on toast, but actually, this is a powerful health support product and has a myriad of uses that you may not be aware of. Manuka honey, for example, is one of the most potent honey products on the planet, and you can also get honey combinations including honey infused with CBD oil which gives you the benefit of both of these fantastic natural healing products.

So, if you’ve ever been wondering what honey can do for you here are a few of the surprising benefits.

Wound and burn healing

The use of honey to treat wounds and burns and promote healing dates right back to ancient Egypt. Such is the efficacy of this simple treatment that it is still very much in use today. It is a product that has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and this is the main reason why it works so well. It is even used in hospitals with wounds that are difficult to heal.

Many people harness the healing power of honey for not just their family members but also their pets. Again, it will not harm the pet if they accidentally ingest the honey, in fact, quite the opposite!

Soothes coughs

Unfortunately, a cough is a challenging condition to treat. Many doctors say it must run its course. Cough medicines are sold to try and suppress the cough as this will make the throat feel less painful and help get good quality sleep. Sadly, if you have tried them, you will understand how ineffective they can be. This is where honey can come in useful as it can be used to suppress coughs with particular success in children. It can be given on a teaspoon or stirred into a hot lemon drink to create a soothing warming liquid. However, honey should not be given to children under one.

Heart health

Because honey is rich in antioxidants, it has been linked to a reduction in heart disease. It is thought that the naturally occurring phenols will also dilate the arteries, which creates a better flow of blood to the heart. It has been suggested that it can also ensure blood clots cannot form, as these can be deadly, causing strokes and heart attacks. There is little long term human study evidence to back this up, but eating honey is relatively safe and may benefit you in the long run.

Cholesterol busting

LDL cholesterol is dangerous and when we have high levels in the body this predisposes us to heart disease. Cholesterol creates atherosclerosis which is a build-up of fat in arteries which in turn can lead to strokes and heart attacks. Honey can help lower your LDL cholesterol level and potentially reduce your risk.


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