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How To Make It In The Creative Industries
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How To Make It In The Creative Industries

A lot of us think of our jobs as something that we just have to get through in order to pay the bills, but this isn’t true for all people. Indeed, some people love their work, since they are working in a position that’s closely related to their passion. Perhaps right at the top of the ‘job satisfaction’ list are the ones in the creative industry. If you’re an artist, musician, or writer, then you’ll be getting paid for something that you love — and it doesn’t get much better than that. Below, we take a look at a few useful tips for succeeding in these tough to crack industries. 

Get to work

There’s no substitute for hard work in the creative industries. These are hyper-competitive fields, so you better believe that you can’t bluff your way through. If you’re going to make it, then you’ll need to forget about actually finding a job, more on developing your talent. If you’re only focused on the prestige or satisfaction that could come in the future, then you’ll be distracted by the thing that really counts, and that’s ensuring that you’re good. All the best artists (in all fields) have spent many hours locked away, working hard.

Meet other people

We all rise together. If you’re going to find success, then you’ll need to work with other people. No matter what passion you’re interested in, there will be others in your town who share that interest. Indeed, if you’re located in a city, then there’s probably already a pretty robust arts scene. Look at getting involved. You never know who you’ll meet there, or who might just play a deciding role in your career. Aside from the professional opportunities it can bring, it can also just make the journey fun, too.

Go professional

At some stage, it’s recommended that you step things up and become a little more professional. This will set you apart from the people for whom their passion will remain as a hobby. It’ll show that you’re serious. If you’re a musician, this could involve working with a company that specialises in cd duplication and getting your own music out there. If you’re a writer, then it could mean bypassing the traditional publishing houses altogether, and self-publishing your work. Artists can sell their creations directly on a bunch of websites. Acts such as these will show the world that you’re serious about making it professionally.

Say yes

Finally, be sure to have an open and positive attitude. It can be difficult to make it in a professional industry, but it is possible. Indeed, there are plenty of opportunities available to people, so make the most of them! You’ll have to face a lot of rejection as you go through life trying to make it, but if you have a positive attitude, then you won’t let them affect you too much. Many of the world’s most famous creative people suffered years of rejection before finally making it in the big time! 


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