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Home Updates That Can Promote Your Wellbeing

Home Updates That Can Promote Your Wellbeing

Your home is incredibly important for your wellbeing, but do you know how to transform it into a space that boosts your mood? Here, Nicholas Smith, Marketing Manager from The White Kitchen Company, shares tips on updating your home.

The way our homes look and feel is very important to our wellbeing. Having a home that is relaxing, well-designed, and welcoming promotes a calm atmosphere that can support your wellbeing. And this is more important than ever today, with 40% of UK adults recently surveyed working from home to some degree (Office of National Statistics). With many people spending more time at home and using their houses for both work and relaxing, having a beautiful, bright environment is even more important than ever.

Here, we’ll go through some tips for ways that you can update your house to maximise your wellbeing and provide that relaxing atmosphere you want to come home to.

Maximise natural light

You probably realise that natural light is a good thing to incorporate into your home, but you might not realise how crucial it is. Research at Cornell University found that people who had workspaces with more natural light actually took fewer sick days, so there is a real impact from being in a place that is well-lit. Not only that, but there’s even evidence that humans find it easier to make healthy food choices when they are in surroundings that are brighter (Psychology Today).

With all this evidence, it’s well worth increasing the natural light available in your rooms; this can happen through installing more windows or light tunnels, but in other ways too. It’s often the case that windows are blocked by furniture or the arrangement of your seating has you facing away from the windows, so a simple rearrangement can help you make the most of the natural light.

Install bright décor

Not only can you maximise the amount of natural light in your home, but you can also brighten the décor throughout your property too. For instance, painting rooms in lighter shades such as cream, off-white and white, blue, and lilac can create a crisp interior that will maximise the reflection of any natural light that comes into your space.

In kitchens, this can be combined with bright, neutral cabinets and kitchen furniture to really create a bright, welcoming design. Adding details can really bring the space together too: while keeping the colours light, you can incorporate other textures by using marble for a sense of luxury and chrome to bring a modern feel. In other rooms, you might want to play around with brighter tones in furniture, ornaments, and other details such as fireplaces and skirting boards.

Design social spaces

As well as providing a space to come home to, it’s important to add space for socialising and enjoying events. Some spaces lend themselves to this better than others, so it’s well worth investing in your property to make sure it supports the activities you love. There are lots of ways you can make your space more social, but one of the key ones is by opening up your kitchen, dining, and living space. Rather than just having your kitchen being a place for cooking, it can be more of a centrepiece: having a kitchen diner or opening your space up to being open plan really maximises the potential for your space to be social.

Not only this, but you can blend indoor and outdoor space by developing your garden or patio area to be part of your kitchen space. Patio furniture, a barbecue, or even a pizza oven will bring some extra interest to your garden and allow you to expand your socialising from your kitchen to the outdoors.

You can also add some social seating to your living room: arranging armchairs and sofas into groups and investing in furniture that seats multiple people, all encourage people to spend time together and offers a comfortable space for social events.

Declutter your home

While it might seem a simple thing, decluttering your home can make it much more calming and pleasant to be in. So don’t neglect this aspect of maximising the way that your home can contribute to your wellbeing. To declutter, it’s best to take everything out of cupboards and off shelves and then gradually replace it in a more organised way. You can plan out where everything needs to go too, and really get things placed conveniently and in a way that looks polished.

When organising your space, you might find that some extra storage options, shelving, or furniture might help with keeping everything neat in future. In your kitchen, you might want to add integrated storage, such as more shelving or cupboards, if you feel that your current kitchen doesn’t support your storage needs. And in your living, bedroom, and office spaces, using vintage furniture or bespoke pieces can provide an excellent way of adding more storage into the rooms.

Separate your workspace

If you work from home or spend time doing admin tasks, it’s helpful to separate this area from the rest of your property. Having separate working and relaxing spaces can help you to unwind at the end of the day and make sure that you aren’t thinking about work when you are trying to cook dinner or socialise. It’s also important that when you come to work, everything you need is to-hand and prepared, so you can be productive.

In the event that you don’t have a separate room for your workspace, there is plenty of potential in cornering off an area in another room that you keep just for work. Alternatively, be sure to tidy everything away after working so that you can enjoy the evening and use your space for socialising.

Use these tips to update and rearrange your home to really boost your mood and enjoy your own space. By expanding your socialising spaces, separating your workspace, and brightening up your décor, you can really make the most of your property.