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Dress Code Tips for Wedding and Prom Season
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Dress Code Tips for Wedding and Prom Season

With summer just around the corner, it can sometimes mean our calendar is filled with big events, one such highlight is wedding and prom season, and what is the first thing we think of when we have a big occasion in the offing? What are we going to wear, of course!

There have been several do’s and don’ts over the years when it comes to weddings and proms, so here is a quick run-down of how to prepare your outfit.

Choosing the perfect colour

The colour of your dress is a significant factor when choosing the right style for you. Muted tones look great for formal day occasions, whereas darker dresses may suit an evening soiree. Summer is also an ideal time to wear colour so don’t be afraid to experiment with block shades or floral occasionwear, as it adds a unique feel to your occasionwear.

Selecting a style to complement your body shape

Styling your occasionwear for your body shape is the perfect way to feel comfortable and confident throughout the party. Both weddings and proms give you the opportunity to wear something unique and beautiful for the day, so be sure to take advantage of the range of wedding and prom dresses for your body type in both high street and online stores.

Accessorising your dress

When you prepare your wedding guest or prom attire, the next step is to accessorise beautifully. As the dress will be the showstopper, perhaps opt for jewellery and accessories that add a subtle addition, so you don’t take attention away from your clothing. Of course, if you love statement accessories, go wild and create a look everyone will be talking about.


Some other handy wedding style tips

Do: Pick a classic black dress for an evening celebration. You might want to go a bit brighter if you have been invited to the day time celebrations too, but there is nothing wrong with a little black dress if you are only attending the evening.

Don’t: Wear a completely white dress at a wedding. Although we all know no-one is going to show up in a bridal gown (we hope), some brides still have a problem with someone turning up in white to their wedding, and it is an unwritten rule that it is not the done thing, imagine the wedding photos!

Do: Be respectful of the day. If you are attending a wedding in a religious building be mindful of any traditions. It is always worth covering up your shoulders and arms during the service, do not reveal too much cleavage and opt something longer rather than a mini dress. If in doubt, go understated.

Don’t: Underestimate the dress code. It is always better to be safe than sorry and if a wedding invitation does not specify, err on the side of caution. Most weddings are a formal affair and if the bride and groom are looking for something more casual they will usually let you know.

You’ll usually have a guide on the type of occasion or theme the event is, but if in doubt dress formal, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.


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