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February’s London Fashion Week 2019 — What Can We Expect?
london fashion week

February’s London Fashion Week 2019 — What Can We Expect?

Ahead of London’s Fashion Week this February, we’ve made a few predictions. Between the four cities that host Fashion Week, London is known for being the most experimental, often showcasing newcomers that wouldn’t be as welcome at other shows. So, it’s no surprise that we’re excited for what’s to come. We’ve teamed up with QUIZ’s in-house designer, Emma Kenyon to find out what they’re forecasting for the week. 

Which colours will we see on the catwalk?

If you were a fan of the colours of the 70s, you’ll love this seasons trends. Think retro colour palettes made up of merlot red, cerulean blue and rich yellows to create a look that’s as funky as the era itself. These bold colours don’t have to be reserved for party wear either, bring pops of colour to the office with bright blazers and matching court shoes.

To give you some idea of the colours you might see, think golden yellows, purples, blood red and jewel greens. And, when it comes to partywear predictions, you can expect to see these colours on sequin and maxi dresses. If you’re one for darker colours, you’ll be pleased to hear that we can expect black on black to be big this season as designers show how you can switch up the classic shade.  

Add a splash of colour to your wardrobe this season with winter neons. Cosy bright jumpers, bold dresses and eccentric party pants are just a few stand-out pieces that we’re anticipating at London Fashion Week. 

london fashion week

What trends can we expect to see from London Fashion Week?

As you’d expect, there’s a big focus on sustainable fashion this season. From multi-functioning garments such as the silk scarf to new materials, we can expect to see some designers taking steps towards a greener brand this year.

It’s all about classic styles with a contemporary edge, so we can expect pieces with an urban twist to make an appearance. We predict strong party glamour looks that have been given an streetwear look, set to mix up everyone’s clothes collections this season. Expect oversized streetwear, inspired by men’s shirts, with added glam to suit this season’s womenswear trends.

London Fashion Week is a great platform for designers to showcase some of the latest technologies they’ve been investing, so we hope to see some of these being showcased in February. From different materials used in the creation of clothes to the technology used in the show itself, we’re expecting it to be a focus this February.

Which prints will we see on the catwalk?

Designers are encouraging the re-using of old items so expect to see thrift inspired prints including boho and patchwork vibes. Don’t be afraid to dig deep into your drawers and bring some of your old items back to life this season.

What sort of floral print can we expect to see as part of the week? This season it’s all about tapestry-inspired, bold and playful floral prints, so expect to see designers showcasing some loud and colourful patterns. A trend that we predict will continue to rise is tongue in cheek slogans on clothing, we’ve already seen it this year with Viktor and Rolf’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection of dresses at Paris Fashion Week. This featured daring dresses featuring slogans such as “I’m not shy I just don’t like you” and “Sorry I’m late I didn’t want to come”. 

We’re also predicting the use of graphic checks, two colour conversational prints and appaloosa spots.

london fashion week

Which accessories will we see on the catwalk?

Designers will be taking inspiration from the ‘90s when it comes to their accessories. Expect short strap shoulder bags in various styles and sizes, you’re guaranteed to have one for all occasions by the end of the year. We recently experienced the return of the bum bag which was the ultimate festival essential last year and this year we can expect designers to smarten up the belt bag and make it more appropriate for every day wear. Could you see yourself sporting a belt bag to work?

It’s bigger and bolder than ever in terms of jewellery too. We predict diamante hair clips, chandelier earrings, chunky hoops, anklets and chunky chain bags to match.

Embrace the multifunctioning garment when we’re presented with the silk scarf, worn in different ways to show us how to switch up the look.

How are designs adjusted from the catwalk for the high street?

High-street designers must consider what’s making the most noise on fashion week. What is getting people talking? And, what garments are people loving the most? From these pieces I consider which pieces will appeal most to our customers and apply the look to a style that I know our customer would wear.

What will the fashion industry look like ten years from now?

Environmentally-friendly products are predicted to thrive over the next few years. Additionally, I hope that the current desire for sustainable fashion continues and in 10 years’ time the market is in a better position to allow the consumer to shop knowing that they are doing so sustainably.

Don’t miss out on any of the news from London Fashion Week by visiting their website from Friday 15th to Tuesday 19th February.