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3 Must-Have Men’s Summer Accessories and How To Style Them

3 Must-Have Men’s Summer Accessories and How To Style Them

Summer is here and along with the (hopefully) warmer days, comes the new fashion season. And, with this time of year being a period to truly express yourself with bold colourways, prints and patterns, it’s also important that you know what details to add for the perfect finishing touches. Here, Edward Pritchard, Manager at designer menswear retailer Pritchards shares his top three must-have summer accessories for men and how you should style them.

Summer is renowned for being the time to don lighter and brighter clothes, as well as giving you the go-ahead to experiment with more inventive pieces. While you might have already packed your wardrobe out with summer-ready clothing and footwear, it’s important that you pay attention to the little details, too.

Adding accessories to your outfits is a great opportunity to incorporate luxury details, so you can ensure you look sharp and sophisticated all season long. Here, I will be sharing my top three must-have summer accessories and how you should be wearing these for an undeniably on-trend look.

The classic sunglasses

With the sun hopefully beaming down all summer, it’s important to protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses, but there’s no reason why these can’t make a fashion statement, too. My best advice when it comes to buying some sunglasses this summer is to go with classic designs that will look great paired with any of your outfits. This usually means going with ones that are versatile colours, such as black or tortoiseshell, and don’t tend to have any patterns on the frames. Investing in designer can help you to find the right pair, as these brands usually focus on creating subtle, classic designs that are high-quality, meaning they will last you years to come.

Sunglasses are a versatile addition that can be teamed with any outfit, with even the most formal of wedding suits still looking great when paired with a sophisticated and understated pair of sunglasses. If your summer vibe is more casual, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ll look great with both trousers and chino shorts — plus, they’ll be key for the beach and days out abroad if you’re heading off on holiday soon.

The designer backpack

Summer is a time for adventuring, so it’s only right that your weekends are full of exciting plans that keep you busy. But, when you’re constantly on the go, it’ll be important to invest in some luggage that can carry you from A to B. Backpacks have made a comeback in recent years and rightly so: they’re stylish, practical and come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

As they are namely a casual accessory, backpacks will look best paired with relaxed, off-duty outfits. Team with a short-sleeved T-shirt, shorts, loafers and an aviator jacket for the perfect summer daytime look, or style with denim shorts, jacket and designer trainers to nail the festival aesthetic this season. There are even luxury leather designer backpacks that will look great for when you want to be a little more formal, meaning they will look stylish and professional with your work attire.

The casual cap

Casual caps have been the go-to summer accessory for years, allowing you to protect your head from the heat and achieve an effortlessly stylish look. To ensure you’re prepared for any laid-back dress code this summer, make sure you invest in a sports cap in versatile colours: black and white will go with everything, but muted tones like khaki and grey are also subtle enough to fit in seamlessly with your summer wardrobe.

Whether you wear these for a trip to the beer garden, or to a big outdoor event, they are great to throw on when your hair isn’t cooperating because of the humidity or you’ve just rolled out of your festival tent. Plus, with so many designers bringing out their own take on these casual accessories, you can even use caps to add a touch of luxury.

If a sports cap isn’t for you, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a range of other hat styles you could be wearing this summer to make a fashion statement. This includes the recently revived baker boy hats, as well as bucket hats that come in a range of on-trend patterns including camo and checks.

Summer is the perfect time to get inventive, so why not try adding my top three must-have accessories to your outfits this season? They are as stylish as they are practical, so you can ensure they will take your looks to the next level.


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