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In Conversation With Rebecca Drury Co-Founder of Home Interiors Brand MissPrint
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In Conversation With Rebecca Drury Co-Founder of Home Interiors Brand MissPrint

If you’ve ever searched the interiors hashtags on Instagram or been inspired by the spectacular imagery on Pinterest, you’ll know there are plenty of ideas to create the home of your dreams. The interiors sector has seen significant growth over the past few years and this has led to innovative concepts and design ideas from both retailers and independent brands. One brand currently making waves within this sector is MissPrint.

MissPrint is a British wallpaper, fabric and home accessory brand, with all designs illustrated by hand and printed in the UK. Established in 2005 by mother-daughter co-founders Yvonne and Rebecca Drury, every print starts life in a sketchbook, with Rebecca meticulously drawing every element of the linear prints and abstract, botanical patterns.

We recently chatted to Rebecca on what inspires her work with co-founder Yvonne. Plus, Rebecca shares her insights on design and the creative industry.

Rebecca, please give us an insight into your creative background

MissPrint has always been my main creative focus, the company was started while I was still at university studying for my degree in Printed Textiles. Running a creative business has allowed me to work on many exciting and different projects from designing products to working on branding and websites, it can be varied and definitely keeps you on your toes!

What was the main influence for starting MissPrint?

MissPrint was founded by me and my mum (Yvonne Drury) in 2005 after being inspired by screen printing projects at university. We started out printing on our kitchen table and have grown organically over the years.

Describe the key inspirations for your designs and concepts?

Mid-century design is definitely an influence for me and I also love Scandinavian folk art and design. Nature plays a big part in my designs: I love finding inspiration by walking in the British hills and travelling around Europe.


Why does your brand stand out in this competitive industry?

I believe we have a distinct trademark look; this has definitely helped us define our place in the industry. Our style is definitely graphic, I love line art and fine pen illustrations and like to mix this with a hint of Scandinavian and Mid-Century influence. It is a look we are known for.

What has been the most challenging aspect when bringing your company into the industry?

Managing the business side has been the hardest for me. Not really having any experience in this area, everything was new to me. From managing orders and stock to the general admin of an office and business development. It can be challenging to know what is best sometimes.

Describe your ideal space and interiors that have really impressed you

I think it is important to show your personality in your design style and not be scared to use colour and pattern, it really can make a difference to a home and your well-being. My ideal space would be with flooded with natural light and have lots of books and plants.

Co-Founder Yvonne and Rebecca Drury

What are the key trends that’ll we’ll see in the next few years?

I think sustainability and buying quality well-made products will become more important to people, less is more. I think this also ties in with a growing interest in nature and our relationship with the natural world. We are seeing greater use of natural materials and emphasis on light and plant life, helping to bring the outside and nature in.

Do you have any advice for aspiring designers/businesswomen looking to enter the creative sector?

Find your style, it is important to have a distinct look and handwriting that you will become known and recognised for. Being patient is key, things never happen overnight. It can take many years to develop a brand and company. Stay current, it is important to know your market and what your competitors are doing.

What is your hope for the future of MissPrint?

I would love for us to continue to grow and develop new designs and products, as it is a never-ending brief. Our patterns aim to make people feel better day-to-day by inspiring with colour and illustration.

Image credits: MissPrint