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Does Make-Up Affect Our Eyes? Let’s Ask An Expert

Does Make-Up Affect Our Eyes? Let’s Ask An Expert

Eyeliner is a very basic part of a woman’s face makeup, but few are aware of the dangers that using eyeliner can pose to their eye health. Research on eyeliner was conducted by the University of Waterloo in Canada, led by Dr. Alison Ng. Research has shown that too often eyeliner leaks from the lashes to the eye and causes problems. Ophthalmologists point out that more and more women visit them with eyeliner residues in their eyes. These residues cause irritation and vision problems. The problem is especially big for those women who wear contact lenses. These residues are trapped between the lens and the surface of the eye.

Beware of bacteria that can get into the eyes 

Applying it close to the eye also means that the eyeliner can be filled with bacteria. Dr. Ng adds that this research is the first to prove that particles from the pencil reach into the eye. In particular, the researchers found that within 5-10 minutes after a woman puts on eyeliner, there is an increase of 15-30% in the particles that enter the eye. The effect is further enhanced when the eyeliner is applied to the inside of the lash line.

Usually, most of these particles are rinsed off naturally with eye tears within two hours. But they can stick to contact lenses and cause more discomfort and dry eyes. This gets worse if you apply it constantly, because these tiny particles accumulate on top of each other. This is because many of its ingredients, such as oils, silicones and waxes are designed to make the product stick to the eyelids.

How to avoid eye problems when applying eyeliner:

  1. Do not put any cosmetic products on the inside of the eyelids 
  2. Apply only on the outer side of the lashes along the eyelid 
  3. To sharpen the eyeliner pencil well before each application and remove them first any residue stuck to the edge 
  4. Then break the sharp tip of the pencil a little with a nail clipper before each use 
  5. Always make sure you completely remove the eye makeup before going to bed

How about mascara?

According to psychologists, mascara helps women feel younger. This is because it enlarges the lashes and gives the impression of bigger eyes. The big eyes, along with the soft cheeks, the soft skin, the small chin and the small nose, are characteristics that in many cultures have been associated with youth and mascara apparently enhances this! 

When is it dangerous for the eyes? 

Mascara should be replaced every 3-4 months from the moment it is opened, regardless of how much of the product is still left. The dark and moist environment inside the package combined with the natural secretions of the eyes help the growth of bacteria. At the same time, when the mascara stays on the lashes for hours, it blocks the pockets, causing swelling and pain in the eye. Redness, itching, and even conjunctivitis are some of the problems that can be caused to the eyes by the wrong use of mascara. In the event of an infection, the beauty products must be replaced. Beauty products of others should never be used because the infection can be transmitted.

Experts also warn that some mascaras contain thiomersal, a dangerous preservative that contains mercury and can cause eyelid dermatitis, so it should be avoided. Beauty products should be tested before buying because they are likely to cause an allergic reaction. Doctors advise women to put a small amount on their neck to test the product. They should also be rinsed every night to protect their eyes from infections. Liquid make-up remover should be applied gently with a cotton ball on the lashes for a few seconds. They should not be rubbed with force, because they can cause the lashes to fall out and weaken. 

Take care of your eyes 

Your eye doctor or pharmacist may have prescribed medicated or over-the-counter drops to help with glaucoma, conjunctivitis, chronic dry eyes or various other conditions. Rumour has it also that CBD could even be good for your general health. Glaucoma treatment may require the use of more than one type of eye drops. Be sure to pay attention to the instructions for use, as there may be a necessary order for the drops to be applied, or at a specific time of the day. You should always look at getting glasses if you need them and style them to your liking. It’s a smart choice to get good glasses. So with caution, you can certainly proceed with your make-up but be sure to take that extra care! 


Image: Unsplash