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Review | Thirsty Work by Angela Langford
angela langford

Review | Thirsty Work by Angela Langford

You may have already heard of Angela Langford from her appearance on one TV’s favourite foodie shows Masterchef. Since cooking up her creations as a finalist on the coveted cooking programme, Angela has since launched her own skincare range aptly known as a ‘recipe for great skin’.

Of course, food and skincare do actually go hand in hand, as what we feed our body directly results in how our skin feels and reacts to imbalances. Angela has harnessed her magic of foodie wisdom to create a skincare range that nourishes the skin with natural ingredients. The range includes everything from body essentials to beautiful gift hampers.

From previous beauty posts, you’ll know I’m always on the quest to seek out that miracle moisturiser. I constantly battle between dry and combination phases and have found very few beauty products that don’t feel like I’m wearing a mask after application. So when I was introduced to a natural skincare product that boasts ultra-hydration, I had to see if it could work with my skin.

Thirsty Work – Ultra-hydrating anti-ageing moisturiser

Angela Langford’s ultra-hydrating anti-ageing moisturiser also known as Thirsty Work offers a blend of raspberry, rosehip and Q10 or improved elasticity and hydration. It’s light consistency and gorgeous fragrance certainly commanded my attention on my first application and after 6 weeks of using it, its certainly a moisturiser I could add to my collection. I used one or two pumps, twice a day depending on how dry my skin was feeling and its lightweight texture didn’t prove an issue when applying my makeup after application. It says anti-ageing on the bottle but could easily be used for people of all ages as it offers everything to make your skin feel soft and supple (what’s not to love about that!).

Another little trinket from my skincare delivery included a handy recipe to try out developed by Angela herself. One of the recipes included Japanese style Miso and Chia Aubergines, which offers you a way to incorporate the ingredients used in her skincare into your diet. What’s great about Thirsty Works too is it’s made with 99% natural ingredients and created right here in the UK, Somerset in fact, which is a beautiful part of the country.

Take a look at the whole skincare range at and discover this fabulous new beauty must-have!