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Common Misconceptions About Online Personal Training

Common Misconceptions About Online Personal Training

Online personal training is a new trend that has gained popularity, especially during these difficult times. An online personal trainer is just what it sounds like. You get fitness training guidance, advice, and inspiration remotely from an expert personal trainer via bespoke training videos just for you on a weekly basis or via email or text message for more pressing advice.

With most people still practising social distancing, it is a great way to receive the benefits of a personal trainer without having to be in the room with them. If you are sceptical about the benefits of an online personal trainer, here are some common misconceptions debunked.

You have to train in-person

This misconception is perfectly reasonable. You may be concerned about the communication aspect of an online personal trainer since they are not in the room with you as you work out. How will you know if you are doing the exercise right? Is your form ok? Who is going to keep you accountable? As far as you are concerned, is that not the whole point of hiring a personal trainer? Those are all valid questions, but that is the great thing about technology. Some personal trainers will check in with you every week with personalized video feedback that highlights the areas you are doing well in and areas that can be improved. If you are unsure about the way to perform an exercise, you can record yourself doing it and send it over to your trainer. Typically during the weekly check-in, the trainer will address your concerns to ensure you do the exercise right going forward.

It’s expensive

Personal training can be expensive, but it does not have to be. It just requires a little extra leg work (no pun intended) to find the best trainer that fits into your budget. Angie’s List says a one-hour personal training session cost anywhere between $80 to $125. A lot of factors are at play when looking at the cost of a personal trainer like location, the trainer’s qualifications, and your preferences. Trainers that train their clients in a gym sometimes cost less than those that have their own space. You can make your training more affordable by purchasing a package deal as trainers typically provide discounts for those deals since they are on a monthly bases and not per session. For example, UK-based personal trainer Andy Griffiths charges £220 per month.

You have to work out every day for hours

The frequency you train depends on your schedule and the length of those sessions depends on the trainer and your fitness goals.

Some workouts may only need 30 to 40 minutes, like fast-paced metabolic or full-body circuit workouts.

Other exercises that are for muscle gain would take as long as 90 minutes to complete. It depends on what you’re trying to achieve in your fitness journey and the guidance of the trainer. Let go of the misconception that a workout has to be an hour-long. If they end a session before the hour is up, you can consider your workout done at its optimal time. Also, keep in mind that you are not your personal trainer’s only client. They may have to keep up with tight schedules.

You have to stay committed

Most often you will not have to sign a contract or commit to a length of time for services. Unless your trainer is through a gym, in which case you may have to get a gym membership, an online personal trainer’s commitment is flexible. That is a good thing about Andy Griffiths, and other online personal trainers, as they charge on a monthly bases, but there is not a contract involved. If you reach financial hardship or you feel that they are not the best trainer for your needs or your personalities do not mesh, or you simply do not want to have a personal trainer anymore, you can pause or cancel your training at any time. This is an added benefit to an online personal trainer because you do not have to worry about getting a gym membership as they are taking the training straight into your home gym, living room, or backyard.

Exercise is the most important part

You have read enough news articles and blog posts to know that exercising is not the most important part. If you are putting in hard work in the exercise portion, but you are not eating right, all your work will be in vain. Your diet is more than half the battle.


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