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Choosing An Engagement Ring – Sapphire vs Diamond

Choosing An Engagement Ring – Sapphire vs Diamond

When it comes to getting that all-important engagement ring, choosing the right one can be tricky. While diamonds tend to be the most traditional, many women want something that is different and stands out from the crowd. Of engagement rings that don’t just feature traditional diamonds around 20% choose sapphires as the main stone, so we look at the differences you can expect between the two gemstones.


This can be a significant factor for many people and the traditional ‘twice your monthly salary’ spend on an engagement ring no longer holds true in many cases. Costs on gemstones vary a lot depending on the cut, quality, colour and size of the gemstone. This means that you can generally find something within your budget no matter what sort of stone you are going for. For an equal gemstone of sapphire compared to one of diamond then you are going to find that the sapphire stone is cheaper. This means that you can get more for your money. Though if you are going to use one of your grandmother’s antique sapphire rings as an engagement ring, then the cost only matters when it comes to insurance.


What you might not realise is that not all diamonds are white and not all sapphires are blue. While brilliant white diamonds are the most traditional, they are available in any shade of the rainbow. The colour of the stone coming from whatever elements are inside it along with the carbon. Sapphires are similar in that respect, while blue is the most common colour to be found they are available in shades of violet, green, yellow, pink, purple and several shades in between. The only colour that you can’t get a sapphire in is red, as basically a red sapphire is a ruby. This means that even if you want a different coloured stone, you should still be able to get the type of stone that you want.


As mentioned above, Sapphires tend to be sought after by those brides that are looking to stand out from the crowd. The icy blue colour of a traditional sapphire is very eye-catching, and this is especially true when paired with a gold or platinum band for the ring. The blue colour can coordinate well with different types of clothing and provide an elegant and classy look. The stone can be cute in a variety of different styles as well, and so it is seen as a very versatile gemstone. The sapphire ring can also feature diamonds in the banding or surrounding the main stone, which will cause the sapphire to be highlighted even more for a great look.

Which will you choose?

When it comes to choosing your gemstone, then it doesn’t always have to be diamonds. Sapphire engagement rings have been around for quite some time, and you may well be able to find antique sapphire rings at a bargain price if you shop around. They are generally cheaper than diamond rings, but no less respected because of that.


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