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Can My Boyfriend and I Wear the Same Clothes?

Can My Boyfriend and I Wear the Same Clothes?

We’ve all been there. We’ve stayed the night at our partner’s house, and we’ve sneakily nabbed one of his oh-so-comfortable hoodies. Maybe we’ve never given it back…

Pinching an oversized hoodie or a comfortable pair of sweatpants is undoubtedly one of the best elements of having a boyfriend (don’t tell him that). But as the lines between feminine and masculine fashion become ever more blurred, could we get away with sharing a wardrobe?

Here, we’ll explore why a shared wardrobe is the way forward.

Gender neutral fashion

Women’s fashion designers have historically offered more options than men’s, and we’ve long had freedom with our style. Whether we’re going all out in a bodycon dress or we’re dressing down in our boyfriend’s hoodie (who remembers Ariana in an oversized hoodie on a trip out with Pete Davidson?), it’s always considered stylish.

Androgynous, or gender-neutral, fashion is not a new concept. What we’ve seen recently, though, is more influential men defying gendered fashion by dressing in more traditionally feminine pieces. Harry Styles is leading the way and proving that men can look good in everything from fur coats to printed flares and everything in-between. Cody Fern set the fashion world alight with his structured, mesh-top ensemble at the 2019 Golden Globes, while Billy Porter has turned many a head on the red carpet in dresses and flamboyant capes. For women, androgynous fashion comes in the form of blocky oversized suits, chunky trainers, loose-fitting t-shirts, huge jumpers, and even tuxedos.

The rise of androgynous fashion has set us free and given us the option to express ourselves however we see fit. As a result, we’re seeing famous couples share items from each other’s wardrobes, like Robyn Poppy and Max Selwood, whose Instagram and TikTok feeds see them share clothes, skincare, and makeup.

How to share a wardrobe with your boyfriend

Aside from stealing his hoodies and sweats, how can you and your boyfriend incorporate items from each other’s wardrobes into your own? Check out our top tips below.

Stick to the basics

Chances are, you and your boyfriend won’t fit into all the same clothes, and that’s OK. If you’re a similar size, you could get away with wearing his jeans with a belt for a casual fit – where do you think the term “boyfriend jeans” came from? – but if not, there are plenty of ways you can share items.

As well as hoodies, put together a shared wardrobe of oversized classic jumpers (we love a college jumper), graphic and band tees (so you can share in your love of the Rolling Stones), and even plain shirts. That way, you can both switch up your styles and rock an androgynous look whenever you like.

Mix up your silhouettes

The silhouettes of your clothes are probably different to those in your boyfriend’s wardrobe. That’s where you can really have some fun! Why not throw on one of his men’s denim shirts over a crop top and tuck one side into your trousers for an effortlessly laidback look? Balancing your fitted trousers or tops with his looser-fit items is a sure-fire way to look sleek and stylish.

Equally, you might have a boxy denim jacket that would look amazing on him. We’re used to seeing cropped silhouettes on women, but they don’t need to be limited by gender. Share your cropped jackets and even tops with him – if it’s good enough for Prince, Kid Cudi, and The Fresh Prince, it’s good enough for him!

Buy shared loungewear

If there’s one ultimate androgynous style staple, it’s the tracksuit (or sweatsuit, if you prefer). These items are usually designed to be oversized for maximum comfort, making them the perfect item for you and your partner to buy and share.

Not only are they perfect for lazy Sundays on the sofa, but they offer you some separates that you can mix and match with your other items. We’re seeing sweatpants become a real style staple, with celebrities including Rihanna dressing them up with heels – her airport look, complete with a vintage New York Yankees cap, epitomises today’s androgynous style. And the sweats she’s wearing wouldn’t look out of place on her partner, A$AP Rocky – another influential star who isn’t afraid to defy binary fashion norms. Perhaps he even raided Rihanna’s wardrobe for his patterned headscarf and vintage jewellery?

Androgynous fashion is in, and we’re seeing traditional gender norms go out of the window. We love the direction fashion is heading in because it gives men and women the freedom to express themselves however they like through their style choices. You might have long borrowed (and never returned) a few key items from your boyfriend’s wardrobe, but why not share some of your clothes? It’s a win-win for you both!


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