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Experts Share The Only Jewellery You Need This Summer Holiday Season

Experts Share The Only Jewellery You Need This Summer Holiday Season

The idea behind a holiday capsule wardrobe is to create a streamlined selection of clothing items that you can mix and match together to create a number of different outfit options, avoiding overpacking and taking items that don’t get worn. The essentials you choose should be easy to transition from day to night, creating multiple looks with the same set amount of pieces.  

Creating a capsule holiday jewellery collection works in much the same way, allowing you to create multiple different looks with the same few pieces of jewellery.

That’s why the jewellery experts at Hatton Jewellers have collated their holiday capsule jewellery collection and worked with celebrity stylist SJ Adams to share their top tips for taking jewellery abroad and styling your capsule wardrobe – just in time for the summer holiday season. 

Create 63 looks with just 6 pieces of jewellery

Hatton Jewellers have discovered that with just six jewellery items, you can create a total of 63 different jewellery looks. Whether you’re a yellow gold lover or prefer to mix and match your metals, by creating a jewellery capsule wardrobe, your outfit will never look incomplete.

Heavy and fine gold chains

gold chain is an essential part of your jewellery collection, and the summer sun is the perfect time to bring it out as it will glimmer beautifully in the sun. We recommend having two chains within your jewellery capsule wardrobe, one heavier and one finer. This will give you endless styling opportunities, from layering the two pieces together to wearing them individually with an array of different outfits. 

Expert packing tip For your gold chains:  The straw trick is perfect for chains that could get easily tangled – simply loop one end through a straw, then fasten it. 

Stud earrings

A pair of gold stud earrings are perfect for day-to-day wear, alongside adding a little touch of glamour to your evening outfit. A diamond stud is a great way of adding extra sparkle to your summer outfits without it looking over the top.

Expert packing tip for your stud earrings: A simple, inexpensive solution to packing smaller pieces of jewellery is a pill case. They are cheap to purchase and a great option for packing stud earrings. Every pair can have their own compartment, keeping them perfectly organised. 

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are a must-have for your capsule jewellery collection. With different sizes and shapes, you can choose a pair that suits your style best. Layer your hoop earrings with a pair of studs or wear them alone for a traditional and elegant look that is effortlessly timeless. 

Expert packing tip for your hoop earrings: If your hoop earrings are too big to fit into a pill case with your studs, a small dust bag is a great way to keep that safe and ensure they don’t get separated or lost in your luggage.

Gold ring

Rings can be personal jewellery items, often having some tradition or significance to the individual. However, they can also be a great addition to your jewellery collection, tying your jewellery look together, especially for occasions and events, or even just for a more dressed-up evening out. 

Expert packing tip for your ring: Similar to stud earrings, popping your ring in a pill case will help to keep it secure so that it doesn’t end up lost at the bottom of your bag. 


A gold chain bracelet or a tennis bracelet is a great addition to your holiday jewellery outfits, adding a little more luxury to each evening ensemble. A gold curb chain bracelet is the perfect timeless classic that will compliment any outfit and be a piece of jewellery you will treasure forever. 

Expert packing tip for your bracelet: Similar to your gold chains, the straw trick is perfect for a bracelet. Simply cut down your straw to fit the length of your bracelet, thread it through and pack it safely into your luggage to stop it from getting damaged or tangled.

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